SanDisk Just Revealed The World's First 1TB SDXC Card
SanDisk Just Revealed The World's First 1TB SDXC Card

SanDisk has given a blow to the SD card market with the launch of its latest memory card. Yes, the company owned by Western Digital has launched the first SDXC card of 1TB (1,000 GB) due to increased demand for recording more and more content in 4K, 8K and 360 degrees formats in high resolution are very heavy and occupy a lot of space nowadays.

SanDisk Just Revealed The World’s First 1TB SDXC Card

Just a few months ago, SanDisk launched a micro SD card that combined the best of both worlds: space and speed. With 256GB of storage and speeds of up to 100MB/s read and 90 MB/s for writing, microSDXC Extreme seemed the culmination of brand innovation in this segment.

However, the company has to prove that it can go much further by announcing the SD card more stout in the world, with no less than internal memory of 1TB – a value that is probably higher than that found on your PC or notebook.

Though it is a prototype, but without any date or forecast to reach the official market – it is difficult not to be impressed with the ample space in such a small little piece like this revealed at Photokina on Tuesday (20).

However, this significant increase in the product was already expected, since the middle of last year, Western Digital and its subsidiary had given some clues about the contract. At the time, there was an expectation that the manufacturer passed the offer cards between 6TB and 8TB still in 2016 – thanks largely to the introduction of MCL memories.

During the German event, Dinesh Bahal, vice president of WD’s business unit, noted that only 16 years ago, SanDisk offered its first SD card of 64MB – showing that in this period, storage grew “only” 16,384 times.

For consumers who depend on this type of solution and work with massive amounts of data in electronic devices such as cameras and camcorders, the new SDXC Extreme Pro is more than welcome, as the 512 GB model has been around for about two years.

The idea of SanDisk with the launch simply follows the increasing demand of space to store multimedia content. The popularization of formats 4K, the inevitable coming of 8K, the experience of virtual reality and even immersive 360-degree videos – which are already part of the daily lives of many people, including Facebook – are just some of the elements that guided this manufacturer design.

For now, all we know about the toy is that it should be absurdly expensive – because it is the first version of a new family of cards – and, most likely, it will not have as good speed as those of its younger brother. Anyway, get ready to put aside your 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB card of your DSLR or your smartphone, since the chances are that this first accessory with 1TB will open further range of options for the consumers.