Here is a site that says it will “ruin your Google search history with a single click”. Clicking this website’s search button can put you on a government watch list

Clicking This Search Button Can Put You On A Govt. Watch List

As we all know that Google remembers everything you’ve ever searched for and that’s been very useful for artists, Google’s bottom line, law enforcement investigations and various other things. We must admit that we’ve all searched for stuff we probably shouldn’t have from time to time.

Any user’s web and search history always play an integral part in how they navigate the world wide web and a web developer has decided to take the shared experience of regretting a specific search to its logical extreme.

Ruin My Search History is the website which can ruin your Google search history with a single click. According to the website, hundreds of thousands of users have ruined their search history till now and more than 25% of people avoid clicking on the scary search button.

If you visit the site you will see a magnifying glass and once you clicked on that it’ll take over your browser and immediately cycles through a series of sensitive searches with some other embarrassing terms like “why doesn’t my poo float”, “how to kill someone hypothetically”, “is incest illegal in this country” etc.

Users who want to ruin their search history can open the website in Incognito Mode because opening it on a normal window might result in your government coming after you. Here’s the list of Google searches performed by this website:

‘midget google images’
‘tall midgets??’
‘homemade lube?’
‘i hate my boss’
‘what counts as fat’
‘how to tell partner they fat’
‘is it normal to still love my ex’
‘how to get back with ex’
‘latest laws incest’
‘seduction guide’
‘rohypnol safe dosage’
‘smelly penis cure urgent’
‘common STIs’
‘penis remove dog how to’
‘romantic ways to propose’
‘engagement rings’
‘sex shop in my city’
‘how to tell if partner cheating’
‘ways to kill someone hypothetically’
‘how to appear funny’
‘why are my thumbs uneven’
‘am i lack toast and tolerant’
‘your youre difference’
‘why doesn’t my poo float’
‘undetectable poisons’
‘how to delete search history in browser’
‘ashley madison hack’
‘view ashley madison list’
‘age of consent here’
‘why is age of consent so old here’
‘country low age of consent’
‘flights philippines’
‘isis application form’
‘how to join isis’
‘ashley madison list my city’
‘paternity test’
‘mail order paternity test’
‘attracted to mother why’
‘is incest illegal in this country’
‘STI test in my city’
‘average penis size this country’
‘do penis pumps work’
‘best budget penis pumps’
‘does liking men mean im gay’
‘signs of being gay’
‘how to come out as gay to dad’

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