There is a website that, on visiting, crashes your browser. It will cause iPhone user’s to reboot their phones, thus annoying many users.

The prank website forces iPhones to reboot and will cause computers and Android devices to hang. This link is viral on social networking sites that can crash any smartphone when you open the link in any browser.

Sending One Link Can Cause Anyone’s Smartphone to Crash

The website is, which can even cause Google Chrome to crash. It simply crashes the browser by writing thousands of characters in the URL Bar each second, thus exhausting memory.

This attack consists of four lines of code that force the iPhone user to reboot and can cause the Android Phone to crash. It works on both chrome and safari browsers. It also works in some browsers, including chrome on desktops. This website exhausts your RAM, thus resulting in a browser crash. iPhone, after 20 seconds, will force the iPhone to reboot as it mainly heats the phone when the smartphone tries to hold the code of this website.

Social Networking Sites are abuzz with this website. Many users share its URL by shortening it like that; if you know, you won’t visit it because it will cause your browser to crash, but does shortened URL predict your browser cash? Not. If the post might be like this and it has shortened URL of the crash website and the title displays, “Get free stuff”, if you click on its link, it will cause your browser to crash.

The smartphone will wortypically workter the crash. However, this crash or bug is not malicious; it crashes your browser or reboots your phone, which can be quickly restored and irritates many users. According to various sources, it reveals that this link has been shortened 1,00,000 times.

So this was all about Sending one link can cause anyone’s smartphone to crash. A single connection can cause your browser to crash and force iPhone users to reboot their phones. Many people use this URL to play pranks on their friends or other users. We hope you enjoyed this article; kindly feel free to share this with your friends.