The image messaging and multimedia mobile application Snapchat is quite the routine for many young people with a daily user numbers rocketing to 150 million. But, now the arouse that Snapchat is not a messaging company anymore. Sounds bit creepy, right.

Snapchat Isn’t A Messaging Company Anymore

Nowadays, image and video sharing interests are growing rapidly, so it is becoming more simpler and more intuitive. Everyone is looking for the simplest and quickest way to do this without forcing the devices or any special applications.

The Snapchat is also in this race so far presented the Spectacles, its glasses brings a built-in filming camera which will allow users to directly share images and videos with their application.

The Spectacles are the first wearable product of Snapchat and are dedicated to capturing Snaps (videos) and share them with its own network messages. With a simple touch on the frame of Spectacles, it is made to capture the 10-second videos, which are then shared directly to the application that you have on your smartphone. This connection can be made via WiFi or Bluetooth.

The capture of these videos uses a circular lens that treats to the new presentation format that Snapchat elected and that adapts to the human eye. The lens also has the particularity of having an opening of 115 degrees, which simply allows capturing more open images.

Spectacles Box
Spectacles Box

One size fits all, the Spectacles will cost $130 and will be available in three colors: Black, Coral and Teal (Teal). Loading of Spectacles is done inside the box which is shown in the above image.

To indicate that the video is being captured, the Spectacles has an inbuilt light that will be light up during this process. Once uploaded to the application, the videos will be seen in a circular manner and if they are maximized will be stable and will not run if the smartphone see their orientation changed.

Besides this innovation, the Snapchat also announced that it has changed its name also. As it fails to perform just like Snapchat and becomes known as Snap Inc.

Still, no dates were announced for its release, that when the Spectacles of Snapchat will reach the market, as it is already closer to the end of the year. This is another attempt to create a device to easily capture videos to share on the Internet to show our contacts or to remember later.