Soon Microsoft Will Let You Walk On Mars
Soon Microsoft Will Let You Walk On Mars

While a real trip to the Red Planet Mars could be decades away for NASA astronauts, but, now the people on Earth can take a trip to the surface of Mars.

Soon Microsoft Will Let You Walk On Mars

[dropcap]Now[/dropcap] peoples or humans on the Earth can take a trip to the surface of Mars using the HoloLens of Microsoft’s new technology. In July this year, NASA, along with Microsoft will launch another space exploration experience in virtual reality. This time, it will be walking on Mars .

Since last year, NASA and Microsoft have been doing projects together to use virtual reality as a tool for astronauts according to a website Engadget. In December last year, two sets of HoloLens flew to the International Space Station to help and guide the crew.

Now, both sides Nasa and Microsoft will bring the space experience to the public and the destination will be on Mars. The interactive exhibition ‘Destination Mars’ open in the summer at Kennedy Space Center in Florida NASA, United States.

Visitors could walk in a virtual version of Mars created from images sent the mission of NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover ‘, which has been exploring the planet’s surface since the year 2012. HoloLens equipment will be used, and further will feature the hologram guide astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who was on Apollo 11.

Abigail Fraeman, a member of the scientific team Curiosity said that “Thinking about the geology of Mars is much more intuitive when I can be on the scene and walk the way you would if you were in the field,”.

According to a tech blog Mashable, this exhibition is a version of the software known as ‘ONSIGHT‘ which was the first collaboration between NASA and Microsoft. With ONSIGHT scientists have been sailing in a holographic Mars and has helped them feel they are in the actual field of research in training at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA in California. Scientists also use the program to decide what can go elsewhere Curiosity, and also to choose what they want deep geological formations study.