Recently, this week Saudi Arabia attributed citizenship to a robot for the first time in history. “A humanoid robot” named Sophia was thus considered a citizen of the country, but, guess what’s the most interesting thing about this? The same robot says that “I’m going to destroy humans.”

Meet Sophia, The Robot Citizen That Said It Would ‘DESTROY HUMANS’

Man-like robots have long been a part of our imagery, many thanks to such films as Steven Spielberg’s Artificial Intelligence. Yes, we are talking about the robots capable of walking, expressing themselves, developing feelings and making decisions.

All this, really, seemed more than mere imagination, but today we know that it is different and that the world of technology holds us much more than that of imagination and fiction.

Robots to conquer the world

One of the concerns of today’s society, at work, is the replacement of human labor by robotized “labor”. There are industries where this transition has already taken place and many others are now starting to do so.

Data from the beginning of 2016 realized that robots could make 5 million unemployed by 2020 in the 15 countries that will lead the world market. More recent data from a PwC study indicate that more than 10 million UK workers are at high risk of being replaced by robots within 15 years as automation of routine tasks is increasing.

These figures are of such concern that the International Bar Association has warned that labor laws may have to be changed and human labor quotas created.

But if in employment these changes are occurring, as far as “society” is concerned, very soon, we may be in a film just like “Artificial Intelligence” with all that good and bad it can bring.

“Ok, I’m going to destroy humans” and the first robot citizen

This week Saudi Arabia attributed citizenship to a robot for the first time in history. “A humanoid robot” named Sophia was thus considered a citizen of the country, the same robot that, in 2016, was questioned, “Want to destroy humans?” Replied, “Okay, I’m going to destroy humans.”

In the video, you can watch the public statement of the robot that came to change the way we looked at these machines. The Artificial Intelligence makes you able to express feelings through facial expressions, makes you able to answer questions and even have a conversation.

Sophia stated “I am very honored and proud of this unique distinction. It is historical being the first robot in the world to be recognized with citizenship”.

This robot is a work of Hanson Robotics, a company that proves given in the world of Artificial Intelligence and robots with similarities to humans. Sophia and Einstein, another robot developed by the same company.

These exposures appear as a clear attempt to impose humanoid robots among real humans. A way to show which way Artificial Intelligence can be given and how far it can evolve.

But there are dangers and there are organizations like the UN that warn of this. In addition to the unemployment factor on the table, especially with regard to cheap labor, there is still the danger that all this technology will be available to criminal organizations.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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