Fake Google: Spammer Clones Google's Own Web Address

As we all know very well that nowadays there have been many attempts implemented by the spammers to imitate Google’s main URL. Currently, there is a spammer with ɢoogle.com. At first sight, the address looks inconspicuous. So, beware “ɢoogle.com is not Google.com”.

Fake Google: Spammer Clones Google’s Own Web Address

By using Unicode characters, a website is using one letter much like a “G” capital to make you pass your domain for that of Google.com. All part of another scam made by spammers which are especially for Google Analytics, the imitator ɢoogle.com is positioned as a false source of traffic and makes managers go curiously investigate where it came from.

But if you observe carefully then you can see that something is a bit odd about the link, yes, here’s the trick, simply focus on the capital G which seems smaller than normal, being about the same size as a lowercase letter. Let’s take a closer look.

According to the reports in Analytics Edge, spammers this week left a message on analytics reports from many people saying “Vote for Trump” and the reference link was “secret.ɢoogle.com” highly intriguing right ?. If you look closely you note that it is not the same as “secret.google.com”.

Pretending a single letter in a so immensely popular domain is a highly intelligent scam. Once you click ɢoogle.com with “ɢ” and not with “G” in your browser, then you are at the mercy of spammer domain to which it wants you to attract first. As soon as you hit enter to visit you will be automatically redirected to the “xn--oogle-wmc.com”, referred to this monstrosity website:

Fake URL
Fake URL

However, I strongly recommend that “Do not even try to copy this link into your browser address bar, unless you feel an irrational attraction to danger”.

We all know that for many years we fought for the international characters so that they were allowed in domain names, which is supposed to be positive and now allows users to create domains in their native languages, but, now it has begun to be used to deceive and take advantage of disinformation. So the next time you click on any link, note well that looks exactly as you are used to.

Moreover, now it is crystal clear that this is a trap and we do not recommend you to visit. It is not necessary that your computer will face more spam, and related content less than Donald Trump. Hence, safe-looking links might lead to more harmful websites, so, it is much important to stay aware of where you’re going at all times.