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The famous music streaming service, Spotify has updated its family plan policy. Users now will have to verify their address in order to use the family plan service. The company had to take this step due to continuous abuse of the family plan subscription which was causing a huge loss to the company.

Spotify Has Updated Its Family Plan’s Policy

The Spotify premium family plan starts at 15 dollars per month and gives 6 free family member slots to the main user. A lot of users who contributed 2.50 dollars to enjoy the premium subscriptions escaped the individual 10 dollars per month pack.

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The spotify family plan is meant for families living under the same roof, as per the Spotify’s description of its paid plans. To tackle this issue, the company has update its policies for family plans. The new policy states that the users who are using the family plan will now have to confirm their location verifying if they are living in the same address.

This is not the first time the company is asking its family plan users to verify their address. Last year, the music streaming service asked its family plan members to confirm their location by sharing their coordinates.

The need of providing location or coordinates to the music streaming service to access their plans has been updated and as per the conditions, these norms are now permanent. Christopher Weatherhead, technology lead for U.K watchdog privacy group International shared a statement with CNET saying that this might turn out to be a matter of concern as it asks users to share their exact location.


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