How to Stop Random USB Connect/Disconnect Noises in Windows
How to Stop Random USB Connect/Disconnect Noises in Windows

If you have been using the Windows operating system for a while, you might be well aware of a specific sound that comes out while connecting and disconnecting hardware devices. Hardware devices could be anything like a USB device, SD cards, Cameras, Phones, etc.

The connect/disconnect noise is essential for the USB device because it lets users know that Windows has detected external hardware. However, things become spooky when you hear the USB jingles happening for no apparent reason.

We are talking about this issue because recently, we received multiple messages from our users claiming that the computer is making Random USB Connect/Disconnect Noises. What’s interesting is that the USB connect/disconnect noise appears for no apparent reason.

Steps to Stop Random USB Connect/Disconnect Noises in Windows

So, if you are also dealing with the same issue, you have landed on the right web page. This article will discuss a few best methods that could help you stop Random USB Connect/Disconnect Noises from a Windows computer. So, let’s check out the few best methods to fix the issue.

Reconnect the USB Devices

The first thing you should do to stop random USB connection sound is to reinsert the USB devices. Next, you need to remove all USB devices, including the External HDD/SSD, PenDrive, etc.

Once removed, reconnect them to the computer. Sometimes, a simple disconnect and reconnect fixes drivers & installation problems. So, before trying any other method, make sure to reattach all the USB devices.

Device Manager

Whenever you connect a USB device, if any sound or the noise starts to jingle without any reason, this could be the reason for enabling and continuous disabling of a particular device driver.

For that, head to the device manager and then scroll down to the bottom of the window. To open Device Manager, open the Start menu and search for Device Manager. Next, open Device Manager from the list.

On the Device Manager, you need to check the USB Devices for errors. If any USB device is problematic, it will have a yellow exclamation mark behind it.

Stop Random USB Connect/Disconnect Noises in Windows

Don’t forget to see the hidden files, too. Notice that if any driver file is showing an error, this could cause the sound. If you have managed to find any drive, then update that particular driver or uninstall it.


For those who don’t know, USB Device is third-party software widely used to track USB devices more accurately. In addition, the tool is capable enough to tell you about the possible problems which rely on the USB.

Stop Random USB Connect/Disconnect Noises in Windows

This tool will help you track whether or not the USB devices are connected when their drivers were created and the last time the USB devices were plugged in or out of your PC. So, it’s one of the best tools to fix Windows Making Random USB Connect/Disconnect Noises.

Once installed, you will be able to see a list of all USB devices that were currently and previously connected to your PC. You need to check for the ‘Last Plug/Unplug’ date column to find the culprit device.

Once found, you need to uninstall the device from the USBDeview and then unplug your device. Once done, plug it back in, and it will reinstall the driver.

Turn Off USB Notification Sounds

Well, most of the time, those random USB Connect/Disconnect noises are the result of driver clashes or lapses in the device’s power. So, it isn’t a sign of anything severe. So, if any particular device or its drivers are responsible for the sounds, you can disable the USB notification sounds.

To disable USB Notification Sounds, right-click on the Speaker and then click on Sounds. Under the Sounds, click on ‘Program Events’ and select ‘Device Connect.’ Now under the Sounds, you need to select ‘None.’

Stop Random USB Connect/Disconnect Noises in Windows

Similarly, you need to do the same thing for ‘Device Disconnect’ as well. This will disable all USB Notification Sounds on your Windows computer.

So, this is all about how to stop Random USB Connect/Disconnect Noises in Windows computers. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. If you have any doubts related to this, let us know in the comment box below.