As we all know that how popular the virtual keyboard app SwiftKey is, as it is available for both Android and iOS which was released by Microsoft earlier this year. But, currently, an information arising now revealed that this keyboard walks to share information of random users with strangers.

SwiftKey Walks To Share Data Of Its Users

The smartphones keyboards have been adapted over the years and are increasingly customized and tailored to each user individually. One of the most often used keyboard is SwiftKey, which has a presence already on both mobile platforms Android and iOS. An information arising now revealed that this keyboard walks to share information of random users with strangers.

One of the features that users enjoy more in SwiftKey is its ability to synchronize the most commonly used words and phrases and thus propose words when the user needs them.

But according to the information from multiple users, SwiftKey is in trouble in this synchronization and is sharing information from random users. Several users complained that they have been receiving phone numbers and email addresses of other users on proposals for words that SwiftKey features.

There are also many users who complained about receiving proposals for words in different languages of their own, something that is not normal, yes, now many of you might be thinking that what’s wrong happen to SwiftKey. But, currently, the major problem is the user data, which is currently vulnerable.

The problem has been recognized by the SwiftKey, which immediately suspended its synchronization mechanisms, so as to avoid that no more information was wrongly shared and they were not provided proposals in languages that users do not know. The company is now expected to detect and fix the problem as soon as possible.

According to the SwiftKey, this is a problem which should not be affecting the majority of users, which is showing only in some specific cases. However, it was decided to stop synchronizing data to avoid further major problems.

SwiftKey is one of the purchases of Microsoft this year among the several purchases. Just for $250 million the Redmond company pulled itself this keyboard probably to achieve further enhancement to the Windows 10 mobile keyboard as well as also maintaining a strong presence on Android and iOS mobile platforms.