The tech giant Google recently launched a new personal safety application for all its Android users which will let you share your location during the emergencies even if your device is in offline mode.

Google’s New App Lets You Share Your Location During Emergencies

In an attempt to prevent your mom asks you at what time you get when you go out on Friday night, yes, now you all might be thinking what am I talking about. The tech giant Google launched a new personal safety application that lets you send your location information to a selected user group manually.

So, to help you feel safe and give your friends and family peace of mind, today the tech giant Google launched its own new personal safety application known as “Trusted Contacts”. As we mentioned earlier that it is an application that simply allows users to share their location with their friends or relatives, even if your phone is offline or you can’t get to it. Currently, the application is now available only for Android and it also works without an Internet connection.

If a person has not been reported in several hours and his whereabouts are unknown, a user with permission can see the last location and simply take action. Trusted Contacts can even show the battery that had the phone of the missing person.

In more normal cases, a person may also request you to share your location if you are in a dangerous neighborhood or you are walking alone at night, Google says it “walk together”. Google product manager, David Tattersall said while holding up a phone during a briefing last week “This thing really can be a powerful sensor to make sure you’re okay. We’re actually going to help some people, and potentially save some lives”.

The first thing that you have to to do is allow the app to use your phone’s location. Then, an invitation is sent to users who will be allowed to view the location and they can only see the information once they accept your invitation to join the group of trusted contacts.

Trusted Contact App
Trusted Contact App

The app has only two options: add new contacts or share the location. Therefore the application is very easy to use and fulfill their purpose. The main screen shows the aggregates contacts and the ability to share the location with all contacts or just a specific contact. The app also allows you to send customized alerts for all users or only to a few.

So, if you want to download this safety application from Google, you can simply click here to download it directly from the Google’s official store well known as “Google Play Store” and you download this application for free.

The tech giant Google said nothing about whether the application will reach iOS or not, but, the users of Apple devices already have an app known as Find friends, it works the same way, although the iOS app has more features and receive alerts or hide the location for some people or for some time.