TikTok, the popular China-based short-video sharing platform, is reportedly developing its own photo-sharing app to compete with Instagram.

TikTok Is Working On Its Own Photo Sharing Platform

Tiktok is working on a new Photo Sharing platform

The new app, called “TikTok Photos,” was discovered in the code detective AssembleDebug of the APK version 33.8.4 (com.zhiliaoapp.musically) of the TikTok app by TheSpAndroid.

Some of the strings discovered in the new version of the TikTok app include “Open TikTok Photos,” “Reach other like-minded people who enjoy photo posts,” and “Share photo posts to TikTok Photos.”

The strings also invite users to try out the new TikTok Photos app, which aims to share photos with Friends and Family and reach other like-minded people who enjoy photo posts.

While TikTok already allows users to post multiple pictures as videos like a slideshow in the existing app, the company is looking to offer a dedicated photo-sharing experience with TikTok Photos.

Further, the string “Sync your posts to TikTok Photos” suggests that the app will allow users to share and sync photo posts seamlessly between the main TikTok app and TikTok Photos.

Additionally, the musical note logo of TikTok is replaced by a stylized “P” with a photo print motif for TikTok Photos, aligning with the company’s branding. It also has the same color scheme as the original TikTok app.

The TikTok Photos app is expected to be available on Android and iOS platforms; however, it is yet to be determined if a web version will be released.

While there is no official confirmation regarding the release date and availability of the TikTok Photos app in different regions, the leaked code suggested that it will be launched soon. It also aims to gain new audiences for the new app, indicating that it would be a standalone app.

The whole text string reads, “TikTok Photos will be launched soon, we hope to help you gain new audiences in the new app. If the switch is on, we’ll sync your public photos to the new app, whether you close the pop-up or not.”

Many users have expressed displeasure with Instagram’s obvious shift towards pushing video content over photos. This means they no longer see their family or friends’ photos on their feeds. Instead, they see creators’ or influencers’ videos or viral videos, even if they do not follow them.

If the reports about the TikTok Photos app are accurate, it could create a stir in the social media photo scene, considering the enormous void left by Instagram that needs to be filled.





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