Popular Torrent Site ExtraTorrent Under DDoS Attacks
Popular Torrent Site ExtraTorrent Under DDoS Attacks

Recently, the popular torrent website ExtraTorrent has suffered many major DDoS attacks over the past few days. However, the problems resemble to be related to the website’s recent ban of ‘unofficial’ proxy services.

Popular Torrent Site ExtraTorrent Under DDoS Attacks

The attacks on sites and services were a constant weed during the year 2016. Several times the attacks of DDoS were used to “take off the air” services of Internet, criminal actions perpetuated by pure amusement.

A new attack is underway; this time focused on a target that is not logical. The Torrent website ExtraTorrent is the victim of these attacks in recent days.

The promise was made to specific sites and services, as it is normal at this time of year. The victims would be the networks of games PSN and Xbox Live, but the truth is that the focus of the attacks turned out to be another.

For several days now, the ExtraTorrent site has been suffering from DDoS attacks and has been out of the air for extended periods of the day. These attacks, which hit hundreds, are having a strong impact since they can not be contained. 40 to 50 million orders are received, only from the US, something that Cloudflare can not fight.

To defend itself and keep its site functional, ExtraTorrent administrators have chosen to turn off some of the features. For example, the user authentication feature has been removed, which means ExtraTorrent does not have new torrents.

Not being a normal target in this type of attacks, the ExtraTorrent points as a reason for a novelty that they implemented. To defend ExtraTorrent against fake and unofficial sites, mechanisms have been created that encrypt the data between the server and the browser, allowing only that it can be seen only from the “official” sources.

This is precisely what the alleged attacker complains about and uses as a reason in a message sent to ExtraTorrent administrators. The problems started a few hours after this email was received.

The attacks have been constant and are preventing ExtraTorrent from working properly. It is expected that they will be done within days, returning the ExtraTorrent to its normality. Moreover, the ExtraTorrent is not the only site that has run into trouble lately. Even, the Pirate Bay is also down at the time of writing.

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