Tsu is New Social Network to Earn Money, Social Networking platforms are playing a vital role in the growth of the internet. As we use Facebook, Twitter, G+ and even a mobile apps like Whatsapp and Line just because to communicate with our family friends etc and to make new friends online.

As the Facebook is a popular social network and has millions of daily users who share posts and do liking, shares etc.

Think About Earning Money from Social Networking Sites ?

Facebook is the fastest way to spread any news , no doubt we learn something new and even and message around the world. But the question is what is the benefit of doing all these posts, likes, shares. A normal user spends 3-4 hours daily in using Facebook and other also. But if you think about earning money from every post, likes, shares and comments ? But now it’s time to step forward towards something new which help to make money from all these activities.

Tsu is New Social Networking Site where you Earn Money

Tsu newly starts social media website but growing faster. Tsu became most popular in USA, Canada, and many other countries. Now Tsu starts its faster growing in India. Tsu gained higher Alexa Ranking within a single month. Tsu starts Oct month 2014 and rankings of Tsu are totally amazing.

To Join Tsu Social Network, you need any referrer as you know without any refer link you not able to sign up. So if you want to sign up follow my refer link.

How to Earn Money on Tsu?

Tsu is new social networking site where you earn/make money for doing same activities as we done on Facebook but the main difference is we earn revenue from it. Means for every followers and friend, shares, likes, comments, we earn money on tsu.You just have to refer others friends to join Tsu and make and follow friends and keep sharing posts, do liking and shares.

After creating a new account on Tsu, complete your account details like a profile picture, cover, and other basic information.

  • Open ProfileEdit profile and all option will available in the left sidebar and you can check your earning from bank option.
  • Go to Settings > Invitation option from the right sidebar.
  • Copy your refer URL and share it any other social networking sites where you want to get more friends and followers.
  • More friends and follower join Tsu with your refer link this will help earn more revenue.

How many users can Earn?

Tsu is 90% revenue sharing network means all earning generate from your activities 10% will tsu take for its maintenance and other costs to run a company. In other words, you do not even earn a single penny from Facebook, twitter for daily activities according to data we help Facebook to earn $1-$2 on average of daily usages. But we didn’t get anything. Tsu will provide all the revenue they earn from their advertisers on bases of every user activities.

  • Think there are four users A,B,C,D.
  • User A invites B, who invites User C, who invites User D.
  • User D share a post which leads Tsu to earn $100.

How to Earn Money with Tsu

Likes, Comments, Shares, Friends, Followers, Refers = Earnings

How to Earn Money on Tsu

Tips To Earn From Tsu Effectively

  • Add and follow friends on Tsu definitely they will also follow back to you this way is most effective to reach more audience.
  • Refer more and more friends under your tree this will help you to earn from you referrer activities i.e. share posts, likes, comments etc and also explain them to how to refer others means.
  • Share your refer link on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Network. Even send mobiles messages and also send SMS to our friends on WhatsApp etc apps to aware peoples to join Tsu. Because if they will earn you will also earn from it.
  • Create a post on Tsu and share it with Facebook or others to get more views.

How Tsu Send Payment ?

Just go the bank option and there is an option to enter the amount for which you want to get a check. Payment is made via check so enter your accurate details like Address, city, country and other options to receive your check.

Why are you Waiting ?

If you have not signed up then what are you waiting for its really just create your account now. Without invitation, a new account will not be created.

According to me “Tsu is the best way to earn money” but its depends only on your efforts. As we are using other social networks without any benefit, we have nothing to lose because we are not investing anything just give it a try with a hope. If you face any problem regarding Tsu, feel free to discuss in below comments,