Many times you may have written a WhatsApp message and realized that you had written something you did not want to write and send, as this happens due to the spell checker.

As the speed at which we usually write, even while we walk, the spell checker can write certain words or phrases we did not want to write at any time. Hence, to avoid this, let’s know how to disable the spell checker in WhatsApp.

If, at some point, you have considered deactivating the spell checker in WhatsApp, then let me clarify that the app does not offer this option.

Steps To Turn Off Autocorrect or Predictive Text On WhatsApp

However, now, if we talk about the spell checker, it is a feature of our device, not the application itself. Therefore, we will have to disable the spell checker from the settings of the mobile to get rid of it in WhatsApp. So, now without wasting much time, let’s get started and simply explore the tutorial we have mentioned below.


  • If we have a mobile with the iOS operating system, all we have to do to disable the spell checker is going to the system settings.
  • Then in the General option, access the keyboard.
  • Once there, we will find different options or adjustments, among which we must find Autocorrection.
  • Next to that option appears a slide switch that is the one that we have to slide to the off position to deactivate this option.

That’s it; the above step will deactivate the auto-corrector in WhatsApp. Now we can go back to the messaging application and verify whether we have correctly deactivated it or not.


But, if you have a device with an Android operating system, the process to disable the spell checker in WhatsApp is still quite similar.

  • We have to open the Android settings to do this.
  • Then we must navigate through the options System –> language and text inputs.
  • Now we will find the keyboard that we have configured in our device.
  • Then, we have to touch on it, and then we will have to look for the option Predictive text or Writing and spell checker.
  • These options can vary from one device to another, depending on the version of Android, the device manufacturer we have, the keyboard we are using, and the interface of the manufacturer of our smartphone.

However, once we deactivate this option in the system settings, we will find that the auto spell checker is already disabled.

So, what do you think about this? Share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.



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