Twitter has officially confirmed that it is testing a new feature for the platform called Notes. This new feature allows users to write long-form content, not in a tweet, but as a kind of blogging.

Recently, Twitter got sued and fined by the US Government’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) due to deluding users’ data privacy and settled at 150 Million Dollars.

Twitter Will Soon Allow You To Write Long Content via ‘Notes’

Twitter Will Soon Allow You To Write Long Content via 'Notes'
Source: Twitter

As we all know, Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that allows you to write content in only 280 characters, but in 2017 this limit was even more minor at 140 characters.

Now, it plans to provide a feature that exceeds 280 characters, and this article form of content also includes interlinking photos, videos, and GIFs. Also, to open the link of Note doesn’t require any logged-in Twitter account.

As Twitter Write posts on its Twitter account that they are testing ‘Notes’ with a small group of writers that will provide the feature’s feedback and make it more improved.

You can watch the above tweet’s GIF video that will make it easier to understand this new blogging feature. The characters limit in Notes is 2500 words which is great for delivering your thoughts via writing content.

Primarily, Twitter Notes also allows you to include Tweets in your post quickly, and this new Note feature will also introduce a Note Card which enables the writer to Tweet a preview of a Note link.

Besides, This feature’s rumors coming for the last month with the name “Articles” to increase the characters limit of the tweet only, but in conclusion, we got Notes to present our long-form content.


This feature is currently in its testing phase, and Twitter officials said it would be available soon after all the testing & feedback from the writer group, so it is a mystery to say when it will launch. You check out its FAQ to know more.


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