You might have watched someone arguing but what If I say you to watch arguing two Google Home Assistants? Sounds bit creepy right, but you can now watch two Google Home devices argue with each other.

Watch Two Google Voice Assistants Arguing

Artificial intelligence is now beginning to emerge as one of the biggest bets of technology companies to attack the future. But what happens when two interacts with each other?

Watch on Twitch live that How Google Home Voice Assistants are talking to each other.

When we think of artificial intelligence, it is impossible not to connect with the various films where robots that dominate the world. While this type of intelligence is now taking its first steps, it can already achieve a good level of autonomy, enabling them to interact with users efficiently. But what happens when two artificial intelligences interact with each other?

It was to show the result of this experience that a Twitch user created a live video with two Google Home Voice Assistants talking to each other. In the video, we can see that the two Google Home, who were given the names of Vladimir and Estragon, face to face talking. Besides the two artificial intelligences we can see the transcription of the conversation between them.

In their dialogue, the artificial intelligence speaks of the most varied subjects, although not always with the most logic. Among the examples, we can see some deeper conversations, where one of the intelligences comes to say that he is a God.

This transmission has lasted for a few hours and do not know how much longer it will be live, but if you want to see them live then you can simply follow them through this live argument via this link.


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