You may have already encountered situations where you turned on your Windows PC, opened the Task Manager, and noticed that Disk Usage is fired up to 100%. High Disk Usage, or 100% disk usage, is a common Windows problem, but it can be fixed easily.

Provided you don’t have a faulty hard drive; you can follow some easy steps to fix 100% disk usage problem on Windows operating system. Hence, if high disk usage creates problems, you must follow the methods we have shared.

Best Ways to Stop ‘100% Disk Usage’ Problems on Windows

Below, we have shared some of the best methods to stop 100% disk usage problems on Windows operating system. Let’s check out.

1. Disable Windows Services

The error might be retained on your Windows because of some of the services running in the background. You can try to eliminate this issue by stopping all those background tasks and not letting them play up again.

To stop all the services in the background, search “services” in the search box on the start screen and enter the correspondence when the Services window launch to find the service “Superfetch” and right-click on it.

Click on the Stop option and check whether disk usage has come down. You will have to do the same for the “Background Intelligent Service“.


Launch the Command Prompt in your Windows, type “chkdsk /f’ /r c:” and click on the enter button. Note that you will have to write the keyword of your disk partition in place of “C” in the command.

Now you will have to respond to the prompt and then restart your PC.

3. Disable Tips About Windows

Disabling the Tips for Windows can be helpful if you get a 100% Disk Usage error. To turn off the Windows Tips, go to the address ” Start > Settings > System > Notifications & Actions ” on your PC.

Next, find and uncheck the “Show me tips about windows” Option. Although this is not related to the disk error, still some of the users have found it working in this case.

4. Alter Pagefile Location

Pagefile is a type of file that helps ease the RAM while running heavy applications on your PC. If you have dual Hard drives on your PC, you can get rid of the 100% Disk Usage by moving the Pagefile of the default Hard Drive to the other hard drive on the PC.

  1. Right-click on the My Computer and then go to the Advanced system settings option.
  2. Now go to the (Performance Tab) Settings > Advanced > Change and find your default Pagefile Hard drive from the resulting screen.
  3. Select the “No paging File” Option and click on the Set button. Select your next hard drive, click on the “System Managed size” and then click on the Set button again. Now click on the OK button and then reboot your PC.

This shall remove the 100% disk usage problem.

5. Buy an SSD

If nothing has solved your problem, there is the ultimate way left behind that can help you. You have to get the SSD installed on your PC. It will help to lessen the strain on the hard drive and help to run up the tasks smoothly.

You won’t need to change your current hard drive if you use up the SSD; it will just make it run perfectly.

So above are the ways to Stop ‘100% Disk Usage’ problems on Windows. If you need more help in resolving the 100% Disk Usage problem on Windows, let us know in the comments below.