American computer data storage company, Western Digital had just announced record-breaking 14TB helium-filled hard drives that are expected to arrive next year.

Western Digital Announces Record-Breaking 14TB Hard Drive

American computer data storage company, Western Digital had just announced 14TB hard drive. The hard drive will be available from mid-2017. However, due to SSD, hard drives can’t catch the enthusiast attention they once did.

HDD still offers much more storage at a lower cost per gigabyte than typical solid state drive. Western Digital was the first one to bring helium-filled hard drives to the market and now the company is doubling down on its technology by introducing 14GB drive that is coming in the near future.

14TB hard drive was the highest-capacity hard drive developed yet, beating 12TB hard drives from Western digital and Seagate. The 14TB hard drive is a larger capacity version of the 12TB HGST Ultrastar He12 PMR hard drive, which is also shipping for testing.

Now if we talk about the amount of storage present inside drives, mechanical hard drives have led from the front. However, this year’s Seagate 60TB SSD that has eclipsed all forms of storages in terms of the total amount of data you can store in a single enclosure.

Western Digital’s 14TB hard drive is for data centers which need large storage to store information related to databases, social networks or cloud apps. The hard drives are infused with helium which is lighter than air and are currently used in balloons. Helium gas is known for improving the life and power efficiency of hard drives.

Western Digital’s spokesperson haven’t revealed anything regarding pricing or availability details of the 14TB hard drive. However, we could assume that it is not going to be cheap. So, what do you think about this? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.