It is totally undeniable that Pokemon Go which is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic, became the largest and the craziest game of all time. But, now be alert all the Pokemon Go Players, as Niantic begin an operation in which it started banning and deleting all the cheaters and hackers accounts.

Here’s What Happens When You Fake Your Location On Pokemon Go

Just when Pokemon Go was released, several gyms already had one Dragonite or Snorlax, two of the strongest monsters in the game. Hence, it was clear that many players had falsified the location and conquered the entire area, well not for long.

In response to a user who asked the hacker, Pokemon Go had their accounts locked, John Hanke the CEO of Niantic, said on Twitter that it would come soon. Now, some players already have received certain punishments and are telling what really happens.

Here is what happens when you change or try to fake the GPS location in Pokemon Go:-

# You can not pick up items from PokeStops.
You can not catch Pokemon.
# You can not do any fight in gyms.

So, basically, all the game functions are locked. However, these restrictions are the result of a soft ban, the name given to a punishment that is temporary and not fully block the user’s account. Some users were also able to get out of this restriction by making a currency purchase of the game or attempting to access a PokeStop many times.

The video above shows that how this soft ban gets activated and how to remove your soft ban in Pokemon Go. However, another Reddit user found that about 12 attempts it took to falsify the location result in a permanent ban, starting to see the message “Your account has been banned because of the use of third-party applications to change or fake the GPS location.

Apparently, there is also another kind of punishment about Pokemon Go player who received softban punishment for cheating in the game and later when his partner tried to log into the game received a warning that the “account did not exist – probably it has been deleted”.

In addition to the complaint, there are several ways of Niantic find that you are cheating in the game. Typically, apps to falsify the position on the map only change the GPS, so it’s easy to find out if someone is breaking the rules or not.

Moreover, there are also some players who use the modified version of Pokemon Go, allowing them to move easily around the map without leaving the house. In intrusion, the Niantic may permanently ban users who cheated that way, so, if you don’t want to lose all your progress at once then it is recommended to all the Pokemon Go players not to cheat.

Tushar Subhra Dutta
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