After the trouble between Apple and the FBI, other technology companies are considering ways to boost their encryption. Among them is WhatsApp, which is preparing a new encrypted voice calling system.

WhatsApp Reportedly Plans To Encrypt Voice Calls And Group Chats

After the trouble between Apple and the FBI, companies are concerned about dealing with problems requiring encrypted data access. WhatsApp, which Facebook owns, already encrypts your messages sent via Messenger, but presently WhatsApp doesn’t have any additional security to the voice calls made via messenger.

According to The Guardian, WhatsApp will add encryption protection to their voice Calling system in the coming weeks and will use encryption technology, making it difficult to identify voice call records made by the messenger. Somehow the messenger has one billion monthly users. WhatsApp is not the only company to improve safety measures, as Snapchat is also working on its own secure messaging app; Facebook is reportedly in favor of increasing the security of its Messenger.

Engineers of large companies like Twitter who already tested this kind of protection for some time. However, nothing was ever ahead due to everything required for encryption to work. Until then, the idea was to prioritize the quality of the content for each user. The move will likely add fuel to the ongoing debate and can irritate the government agencies set aside by privacy concerns.

The views on this controversial subject are divided, but the leading companies in the technology world seem to be united in this regard. Encrypted voice calling may not help win any government favor for the company, but it will be a significant step for the company that will help gain huge user trust.


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