Even though Facebook now has many competitors, it’s still more popular and has more active users. At the time of writing, the active user base of Facebook has grown up to 2.9 billion. This figure makes Facebook the leading social media website in the world.

Facebook is used by both mobile and desktop users. While the mobile app of Facebook is bug-free, users can still sometimes face problems while using it on their smartphone. Many Facebook app users have recently messaged us asking, ‘Why can’t i see comments on Facebook?’.

There could be various reasons why you’re unable to see comments on Facebook, and we have solutions for that as well. Hence, if you can’t see comments on Facebook, continue reading the guide till the end.

In this article, we have shared a few best and simple methods to fix ‘Why can’t i see comments on Facebook‘. Please note that these are Facebook app specific solutions and won’t work if in the web version of Facebook. Let’s get started.

Why Can’t i See Comments on Facebook?

Well, there are not one but many reasons why you can’t see comments on the Facebook app. Below, we have listed a few possible reasons for comments failing to load on the Facebook app.

  • Poor Internet Connection.
  • Facebook’s Servers are Down.
  • Group Admin Disabled the Comments.
  • Outdated Facebook App.
  • Corrupted Facebook App Cache.

These are the possible reasons why you can’t see comments on Facebook.

How to Fix Comments Not Loading on Facebook?

Now that you know all possible reasons why you can’t see comments on Facebook, you may want a solution. Below, we have shared a few best ways to resolve comments not loading on the Facebook app. Let’s check out.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Check Your Internet Connection

Like every other social networking app, Facebook also requires a stable internet connection to function. If your phone doesn’t have a stable internet connection, many of the app’s features won’t work.

Poor internet connection is one of the most prominent reasons behind the Facebook app failing to load comments. If you are wondering, ‘Why can’t i see comments on Facebook’, your internet connection could be the culprit.

Check your internet connection by opening the fast.com website and monitoring the internet speed. If the speed fluctuates, you need to get it fixed. You can restart your router or phone’s mobile internet.

2. Check if Facebook’s servers were down

Check if Facebook's servers were down

Facebook server outage is another main reason for ‘Facebook fails to load comments’. If you are getting an error message while refreshing the comments section, you must check whether Facebook’s servers are up and running.

Most of the app’s features won’t work when Facebook’s servers are down. You won’t be able to play videos, check photos, post comments, etc. The best way to check if Facebook is facing any outage is by checking Facebook’s Status page at downdetector.

The site will let you know if Facebook is down for everyone or if it’s just you facing the problem. You can also use other sites, but Downdetector is the most reliable option.

3. Group Admin Disabled the Comments

Well, Group admins have the authority to disable comments on the posts shared by the group members. Admins can disable the comment section if they find someone violating the rules or to prevent attacks between the group members.

If Comments are not appearing on a Facebook group post, chances are that the group admin has turned off the comments for that selected post. You can’t do anything here, as the group admin controls the visibility of the comments.

If you desperately want to check out the post comments on a Facebook group, you need to ask the admin to enable the comment section.

4. Outdated Facebook App

Outdated Facebook App

The selected Facebook app version has bugs that prevent users from viewing the comments. The comment section would take forever to load and may even show you an error message.

The best way to deal with app bugs is by installing the latest version of the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You need to head to the app store and update the Facebook app.

Once updated, check back to the post; you will be able to see the comments now. If this doesn’t help, follow the next methods.

5. Clear the Facebook App Cache

Corrupted or outdated cache files can also be why you can’t see comments on Facebook. So, if you are still figuring out ‘Why can’t i see comments on Facebook’, you must try clearing the Facebook app cache. Here’s how to do it.

1. First of all, long press the Facebook app icon on the home screen. From the list of options that appears, select ‘App Info‘.

App Info

2. On the App info screen, tap on Storage Usage.

Storage Usage

3. On the Storage Usage, tap on the Clear Cache button.

Clear Cache

That’s it! It’s recommended to restart your smartphone after clearing the cache file of the Facebook app. After the restart, open the Facebook app again and check the comments.

6. Reinstall the Facebook App

If clearing the Facebook app cache didn’t help, the only option you left is to reinstall the application. It’s easy to reinstall the Facebook app on Android and iOS.

You need to open the App listing page and uninstall the app from your smartphone. Once uninstalled, open the Google Play Store/Apple App Store and install the latest version of the Facebook app.

Once installed, log in with your Facebook account and check the post’s comment. This time, the comments would load.

These are a few simple ways to resolve Facebook fails to load comment problem. If you need more help fixing the comment not loading on the Facebook app, let us know in the comments. Also, if the article helped you, make sure to share it with your friends as well.


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