Recently, the popular website MSPowerUser has obtained few leaked images of the new look of Windows 10 operating system, currently codenamed as Project Neon.

Windows 10 To Get A Fresh New Look

Windows 10 is set to get a redesign of the interface of the previous version of Windows, including the return of the Start menu and removal of transparencies. But as always, renew or die. Microsoft already bored with the relatively new Windows 10 interface and is already preparing a redesign, which could bring around transparencies.

You must not expect a total redesign of the interface of Windows 10, it is simply an incremental update, in which you will have a series of changes here that will make your Windows look more attractive.

Windows lacks animations, and sometimes also lacks consistency in design as well as simplicity. Apparently, this would be the approach to change the interface that Microsoft is preparing and aims distributed to the general public this year.

However, we do not see that Microsoft intends to bring something new, but as it would make with the start menu, retrieve things from the past, such as the Aero Glass Windows 7 and Metro type animations in Windows 8 era and try to unite them To make Windows 10 more visually appealing.

In this way, Microsoft will introduce something they have called Acrylic, which is being introduced in Windows 10 funds stumped in navigation bars that are to the left of the applications (which in Android known as hamburger menu) Well in the background of the application itself.

These stumped stick very well with what Microsoft has called Conscious UI and connected animations, which has been seen on a prototype of what would become the music application built into Windows. Once applied the update of which we speak today, even if you already did, you have the latest version for Insiders, there are already some of these animations.

In the prototypes that have been seen so far animations are very fluid and beautiful, but as always these are just prototypes and concepts and the final version could be very different from what we see in the prototypes that bring us exclusively MSPoweruser.

The idea of Microsoft is to lay the foundations of this new interface in the Redstone 3 version which was codenamed as Project NEON, and in some of its applications so that third-party developers can adapt their applications to these new design guidelines. The Redstone 3 version expected to be released later this year, after Redstone 2 (the famous Creators Update).


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