A Women Arrested After Her Car Called 911
A Women Arrested After Her Car Called 911

A 57-year-old woman was arrested in Florida after her car automatically called Florida Police in Port St. Lucie to tell about the accident she made most interestingly, the woman also didn’t know about the call from her own car later on; Police reached her home and after negotiation police arrested her.

A 57-year-old woman named Cathy Bernstein was involved in an accident; the car she was driving Ford, hit a truck and a van; soon after that time, the inbuilt computer system of the car called 911 automatically and complained about the accident, Bernstein allegedly hit that two vehicle and flew away, and she thinks that no one has known about her accident, but thanks to the technology in today’s car.

The inbuilt technology includes a series of sensors at every corner, and all; the sensors usually monitor each body part of the car; and if it found sudden changes in the car structure, then suddenly the car pops up airbags, which is a common system in every car but from two years the new system of calling police department about the accident is much appreciated.

A Women Arrested After Her Car Called 911

Whenever this types of situation occur then the car automatically calls emergency number, the emergency number usually different in different countries, then car itself speak up about the car model, brand, accident timing, and location, might be the driver got injured and unable to do that thus behalf of the driver the system does this call. After all this calls from the system then after that there is no work left for the car system, the police or the emergency team will do all next steps such as finding the driver and taking further details of the driver from the system such as phone number.

In this case, Bernstein told the police officer who came to her house “everything was fine,” she told the officer before anything officer asked her, then he (police officer) asked “ok but your car called in saying you’d been involved in an accident. it doesn’t do that for no reason. Did you leave the scene of an accident?”

In reply Bernstein said, “no I would never do that” after some of the negotiation and arguments between the police officer and the lady, then the accused was arrested and flew to jail (yep). Till now the court hearing has yet to be announced by the time provided two days and she will stay in jail for two days. Well, the story is not completed here, she is preparing for Christmas and bringing gifts by her car at the accident time.

The hit and run cases have increased in the US in next five years. almost in a month around 200,000 cases are being registered, and also thanks to the technology manufacturer Ford, BMW, and Volvo, they are using this features from 2012 and from the European Union will enhance this features for every new car sold to customers also made a recommendation for old cars to equip this feature. EU analysis team results shown that with this new feature helps in preventing most car accidents and mainly deaths because the emergency team arrives the accident location in time.