100 Megabit Per Second Internet service is on the way
100 Megabit Per Second Internet service is on the way

Are you a high speed internet addict? Then, brace yourselves. A 100 Megabit per second residential Internet service will be offered after 2019 as quoted by a satellite Internet service provider and the most jubilant of the news is that it will work almost anywhere.

100 Megabit Per Second Internet service is on the way

The good news is being brought to you by the Internet Service Provider, ViaSat which has set the release date of the next-gen 100 megabit per second satellite internet service in 2019. The new ViaSat-3, as the three-satellite flock is going to be called, will be capable of “delivering a 100 Mbps, or more, residential Internet service,” offering Wi-Fi “to the billions of unconnected people in emerging markets,” the company said in a press release on its website. The company also stated that the work on the first two satellites was on with Boeing partnering them in the work.

The news also comes as a breather for those who were constantly facing bad or slow internet connection which would prove to be a headache at times. The business class, government institutions and even the common people are expected to get the most out of it as this would directly benefit them by enhancing the quality of their business, studies, work and loads of other things.

The satellite internet provider has further explained that when launched, the first two satellites will provide twice the total network capacity of the roughly “four-hundred commercial communications satellites in space today combined,” Viasat said. Each of the Viasat-3 satellites will be able to throughput over 1 terabit per second, Viasat explained. The Americas and Europe are the first choice  coverage areas and the reason for this the company claims is that these are the most economically developed areas and likely would be most eager to pay for it.

EMEA, or Europe, Middle East and Africa, will footprint the second zone. And, later, a third satellite will cover the Asia-Pacific region, the company says.

Competitor Inmarsat is also racing to bring global commercial broadband to market. It says that its Global Xpress, or GX, “commercial service introduction” was completed in December. I’ve written about Global Xpress before, when it promised 50 Mbps download speeds in 2014.

Hughes and EchoStar’s XIX is planned for launch in late 2016, according to EchoStar. Hughes says its existing JUPITER system offers “high-throughput terminals of up to 100 Mbps capacity,” according to a Hughes press release. [Source: NetworkWorld]

The announcement made by ViaSat has opened a new world of internet experience for high speed enthusiasts who were eagerly waiting for a new kind of an alternative to the pseudo-100 megabit internet which would just pose to be 100 megabit  and rather provide you with a 24- megabit speed.

So lets wait and watch till 2019.


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