We all know very well that there are smartphones that are iconic and represent milestones important to industry and consumers. Hence, now according to the latest reports, a well-known South Korean Carrier will start selling the 2009 iPhone 3GS again.

WoW! The 2009 iPhone 3GS Is Going Back On Sale

There are smartphones that are iconic and represent milestones important to industry and consumers. They are unique pieces that time tried to make disappear, but that last in the memory of all.

The iPhone 3GS is one such device, which we no longer find for sale. This unique piece will return to the market, although only in South Korea and in a limited number of units.

This return is not associated with the tech giant Apple and is not a marketing campaign from any carrier. The truth is that these unique pieces that are now going to be resold are the result of a simple discovery in a warehouse of a lot of cases of the iPhone 3GS.

Having this stock available, and given the interest of many in this collection, the operator SK Telink decided to recover them and put them back on sale at a price of only $40. Of course, when the stock is exhausted the offer ends and probably definitively.

Because they are almost 10 years old, and without any support from Apple, each of these units will be opened and checked thoroughly to ensure that the batteries are still in good condition and that the other components have not been damaged.

Of course, this will be just a collection object because in the years that followed much new hardware and even software. There is no front-facing camera, and most apps should not work on iOS, which for this model ended in version 6.

This will even be just a piece of collection and that many will definitely want to buy. After 10 years of storage in a warehouse, these classic equipment is a new life and they return to the stores, where they should not be too long.

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