The upcoming CD Projekt’s Red title game dubbed “CyberPunk 2077”, the developer team CD Projekt claims this game has taken some of the elements from Witcher 3. However, still, the overall game process and internal elements are different from Witcher 3.

As you think that the successful appearance of Witcher 3, the Witcher 3 gained full support from different developers after finding a successful release, and players also loved to play Witcher 3.

Even after seeing this success, this developer making different games but taking some sort of strategy from Witcher 3, too, because they might be thinking that if Witcher 3 become so popular with the same elements, then why not “CyberPunk 2077”?

Cyberpunk 2077 is Different From The Witcher 3

During the PAX panel, the programmer team Tomaszkiewicz talked about the Witcher 3 element in the meeting; they said in the discussion that some of the good elements from The Witcher 3 to CyberPunk 2077, CD Projekt Red presuming to supply major elements from their owned programmer and developers, the team finalizing the management to overcome the needy elements from The Witcher 3.

The game developer has mentioned the design script of CyberPunk 2077 and The Witcher 3; both are apart from each other, the developer might have taken scripted elements from The Witcher 3, but they have again modified the element. Below the transcript panel, you can see the process of doing.

We want to keep the things that were good about it [the quest design system] for Cyberpunk, and basically we don’t want to change things that were working properly. So we will stick to the guidelines that were working.

I think there are things that we could have done better, so we will adjust it to Cyberpunk’s requirements. Also, it’s a completely different game, It’s obviously an RPG as well, but it has totally different systems. We need to focus on making the gameplay fun in different ways than sword fighting is.

So I think we will have to adjust, but like I said, we will try to keep all the good things that we did on The Witcher.

In 2011 CyberPunk 2077 revealed about a hint of a new game code name as a new project’. This was also from CD Projekt Red; earlier, The Witcher 3 game worked with Platige Image in which they both played a great role in their developing field,

The work from the team Platige Image is wonderful and came under world-class; that’s why the Witcher 3 stands so popular. The video they created is stunning, which can help other developers join the gaming world.

In the year 2012 October “the new project” dubbed CyberPunk 2077, the father of the Cyberpunk genre “Mike Pondsmith” made this awesome game; he is also a creator of a cult-classic pen-and-paper RPG; the release date of CyberPunk 2077 has not yet been set but stay in touch with us, the sooner we get information about the release date of the game we will inform you, stay tuned.


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