The leading e-commerce company in India hired a well-known experienced former employee from Google, Surojit Chatterjee, who has worked at Google as a Product Management Director for the last eight years of continuous working.

Later, working for eight years, he achieved much responsibility head such as Product director for Mobile Search Ads and AdSense for Search.

And now he has been appointed by Flipkart as a Senior Vice President and head of Consumer Experience and Growth.

The Flipkart official Mukesh Bansal has said a warm welcome note to Surojit Chatterjee:

Flipkart is delighted to welcome Surojit to the organization. His experience helping build and scale a multi-billion dollar business from scratch, his deep knowledge of product management and global e-commerce, and his tremendous expertise in mobile advertising will help Flipkart continue to deliver ever-greater customer experiences even as we rapidly expand. He will be part of the leadership team and help innovate and improve how we serve our customers.

Flipkart Hires Former Google Product Management Director Surojit Chatterjee

Flipkart now has a certain mind and business planning for the company growth from overcoming Amazon, the world leading e-commerce Inc company; Flipkart this year hired three other senior Googlers and three executives from Amazon, Microsoft, and Yahoo.

As per the report from google’s mobile search business, it was scored about $12B in revenue the previous year at the time Surojit working.

On the other side, Surojit Chatterjee is also excited to join the Flipkart team; the Indian International company is touching the height of the sky, so why should Indian expertise go outside of India? Surojit Chatterjee said, “I’m extremely excited to join them and help India to shape a better future.” Surojit Chatterjee, in 2008 became the founding member of Google’s Mobile Search Ads.

Surojit Chatterjee will leave Mountain View as Google Plex headquarter and arrive in Bengaluru in the last week of this month.

The Chief Product Officer, Punit Soni, has appointed Surojit Chatterjee; Surojit will be responsible for all consumer experiences across desktop and mobile browsing and will report to Punit Soni.

Previously Surojit Chatterjee became a senior product manager at the Security Researcher firm Symantec Corporation and a senior engineer at Oracle and also in IBM, which made Chatterjee a well-experienced person for customer product management.


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