Twitter launched new emoji for Indian government as #MakeInIndia Campaign!

India day-by-day becoming the emerging manufacturing hub for foreign investors, the Indian government campaign as #MakeInIndia have already taken off from the runway, the flight right now ongoing successfully achieving foreign investments, Indian government wanted to make India as a vital source of manufacturing as Automobiles industries as well as technology hub just like Silicon valley.

India efforts on transforming in a global manufacturing hub, on Tuesday. the popular social network as Twitter said India has now become first non-US. brand for displaying India’s own Twitter emoji, the earlier month of 2015, Nirmala Sitharaman is the current Minister of India’s Commercial and Industry, went to the global headquarter of twitter in San Francisco with the meeting new selected Twitter CEO as Jack Dorsey.

#MakeInIndia Emoji is the First non-US Brand From Twitter

The meeting was successful between both of the officials, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey being impressed with the sudden development in India so with that to do more and promote helping hand of India, Twitter developed its first non-US brand #MakeInIndia campaign, this is a kind of promoting the campaign to all over the world, the FDI as foreign Direct Investment have rapidly increased just only after the campaign launched by Shri, Narendra Modi Government and also the honorable Prime Minister Of India.

Twitter is also a great platform to promote such popular #MakeInIndia campaign in this world, even other countries also used this campaign for the fastest growing land India. Twitter CEO Jake Dorsey feels glad to being a part of #MakeInIndia Campaign.

Twitter strategy is very simple just like Facebook CEO, Twitter also wanted to help and be connected with the leading developing country like India, and with that sooner or later but the analytics have submitted the report for 2017 India will surpass the US users as becoming second most Active users in the country India.

The Asia Pacific vice president of Twitter, Shailesh Rao said: “The Make In India campaign not only India but also affect globally, in terms of employment, investors, the manufacturers, as well as great source of technology innovation, this types of campaign encourage investors as well as startups to develop more and more, this type of campaign will last long-term, as we can say years may be, the effectiveness of this campaign will improve more strong relationship between the nations, creating millions of jobs, This is true that We twitter are the basic platform for world’s leader or any popular celebrity, it will be an honoured to become a trusted partner for Indian government to contribute decision-making.”

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With the same gossip Twitter modified with launching its hearts for favoriting as replacing stars., Twitter with India related stories tweets “Ladies and gentlemen, Twitter launches the Emoji version of India’s lion from their global quarters #MakeInIndia” another “#MakeInIndia is the first, not the US-based brand to get @Twitter emoji for promoting India as a global manufacturing Hub @Jackdursey.”


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