Facebook to link with different News Channels around the globe but mainly focused on publishing popular news channels articles.

Facebook is setting up its most recent move into publishing news with another application dubbed Notify that is planned to dispatch one week from now, with substance from many media accomplices including Vogue, the Washington Post and CBS news channels.

This application will provide news alert to its users also more important is the new stories from expert an popular media outlets as Facebook market is up against Snapchat and Twitter in a fight for news article direct users hand via social network, being popular news from popular media need to display every day every time in the smartphone of users. With these new tech generation this is more important to develop.

Facebook To Launch News App Linking With News Media

Facebook To Launch News App Linking With News Media
Facebook To Launch News App Linking With News Media

Facebook Instant News articles are much more important and it will create a loyalty between the publishers as well as readers, the display articles in the app attract users to read more and they will engage with the application for a long time.

Facebook now become confident to publish news articles via their Instant Article Application, and this is because of the recent application launched by Facebook for iPhone and the same key features as publishing news to iPhone iOS smartphones, in which they got huge positive response by the users, and with that today Facebook agreed to launch another upgraded version of app in all platform, the more important notes is the network.. The network is much more important before providing articles via the internet, so the app have bee programmed to load data of articles very fast even if users using 2G network.

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An application as Notify from Facebook as Instant Articles, this application will be available to all the smartphone the standalone app will appear next week from now, the application will be included as normal text with video images, all this also will come from the news sites, such as Mashable, CNN, Vogue, Washington Post, CBS, Billboard Magazine and Comedy Central.

Facebook refuse to comment in this matter but the report from unknown journalist came with news, it said that the users experience have been developed when they earlier app launched for iPhone users the Instant Articles app. Now they came with all new strategy to develop users attraction even more from previous.


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