Cortana on Windows 10 Update Finally Arrived in India

Microsoft is working hard with full efforts to have all windows owners run Windows 10; with every step, Microsoft is trying to regain its user’s favorable OS. Three months before Microsoft Windows 10 had its first new update, Cortana had not been released for Indian users.

Microsoft has just released its Indian Cortana support as a personal assistant designed for Indian accents and local Indian voice gestures.

Basically, Microsoft CEO has a prior interest in regards to its Indian users; most probably about 40 percent of Indian users are using pirated Windows 10, not only in India but also all over the world people are under the score of pirated but the new logic and Microsoft team’s only aim to make all windows users as Windows 10, for that Microsoft will introduce its new program for pirated windows users to pay less but get Windows 10 full in hand…

Cortana on Windows 10 Update Finally Arrived in India

Let’s talk about why it is so late for Cortana to come to India; as we have previously said that Cortana is a personal assistant, which means she has to work with perfection, and there should not be a single mistake, recent in September-October, Microsoft has new festival plans as gathering and to launch its Cortana in front of the public and live telecast.

Still, regarding the ongoing question to Cortana by CEO Satya Nadella, the answers differ from the question Satya Nadella is asking. Thus, the program and the show have been turned a twist, and decided to make this Cortana perfect before entering the market.

Microsft, with mandatory reception, wanted that every Windows user should have Windows 10 as the recommended update they would receive in the 2016 entrance. With this recommendation update, Microsoft wanted its Indian users to use Cortana, with the only supported version being Windows 10.

The new Cortana for Indian users is well programmed only for Indian users who also support languages and speaking gesture, Indian custom is different from those outside of India, and with that customs optimization consideration, the company fought to be making this new Cortana for its Indian users.

As per the report from the reporting journalist NDTV, this new Cortana is compatible with the Indian mindset, as if users ask Cortana, “What is Diwali?” Cortana will recognize the meaning of Diwali, not only Diwali but also some other festivals which are mainly popular in India, such as Durga Puja and Ganesh Puja.

Now, if we come out from this puja’s team, we can also say that Cortana is much smarter for Indian users. Cortana can identify the geographical areas of India and every corner of India.

This is only for India; previously, Cortana with effective features was available in Japan, Australia, and Canada, and obviously in the USA. In the previous post, we posted the full details of Cortana; you can see how this Cortana works.


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