The France-based programmer has a new technology to include in Facebook messages, although this is not new, as we can say.

Previously as per the popular messaging platform Snapchat, this self-destruction feature was already enabled; now, the same technology will be applied to the Facebook messaging application.

The test on this technology of self-destruction has already occurred in France; some of its users applied this function on Thursday; messenger users later, after successfully testing with this technology, will receive an update through which they will be able to find out the hourglass icon at the right-top side in the messenger application.

Facebook Testing on Self-Destruction Messages Disappear After an Hour

What exactly happens after you select that hourglass icon in the messenger app? Eventually, your hourglass is not just an icon that will predict a setting of your messages lasting hours; from the location of the hourglass, you can set any reasonable schedule for your messages to delete by themselves; you can say this in other terms as a timer… yes just like timer you can select your messages destruction time.

However, this is not new to the world; the technique is already handed over to the popular instant messaging platform Snapchat as we have said before.

This Facebook messenger self-destruction function is just a beta version only available in France, having some of the people who created and distributed the program alteration application.

We can see this function as a rival from anyone or just a fun, that’s up to users choice, with this type of technology giving features to its users are somehow harmful impact in many cases, destruction of any secret or vulgar messages after reader received by the receiver. Soon after the deadline, the message will disappear, so if the valuable messages disappear, this might be a criminal offense.

Snapchat is already gone Viral in its transient messaging system, perpetually Slingshot is just an alternative to Snapchat, but it didn’t popular yet; previously, Facebook CEO offered Snapchat owner Evan Spiegel about $3bn to buy it, but he refused to sell Snapchat.

Facebook then left on a task to add the same usefulness to its current Messenger application, which currently has more than 700 million clients worldwide.

On the other hand, this would make the informing applications a problematic wellspring of conversation. If one needs to make the messages appear on the strings, a solitary tap on the symbol debilitates the new component.

The Facebook Messenger application is not the only informative application with a Snapchat-like component. Comparable elements were added to some Asian applications, including Line and WeChat. To offer self-destructing messages, Facebook has added an hourglass symbol to the Messenger application.

Clients need to tap the hourglass symbol to make the messages vanish following 60 minutes. In addition, the vaporous or self-destructing informing background would soon turn into a typical component overall informing applications as it gives a simple approach to senders and collectors to evacuate proof of their normal discussions.


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