The days pass, the more security vulnerability appears. Likewise, smartphones have become the number one to get attached to hackers to gain certain identities and other valuable details.

The new vulnerability has come with the Samsung Galaxy smartphone, which includes S6, S6 Edge, and Note 4; the hackers are claiming that they were not just controlling the smartphone system but also able to record voice calls and listen into the recorded box.

The researchers from Tokyo, even Mobile Pwn2Own competition, have discovered this vulnerability in the Samsung Galaxy series. Eventually, these are not hackers; these people are researchers who have just worked for the company and revealed this vulnerability. Basically, the vulnerability will be quietly and clearly explained below.

Hackers Can Remotely List And Record Calls on Your Samsung Galaxy phones.

How this breach into the smartphone calling feature can be hacked and do any kind of stuff to harm any person’s smartphone.

Barely do you need to know that every Samsung smartphone contains a certain removable chip, basically known as a Baseband chip which is the only reason the hack can exploit your smartphone’s real life.

None of the hackers have used this technique because none of the hackers have become a researcher and are getting paid to find bugs in certain software or devices.

Hackers, or we can say researchers, have discovered the vulnerability with a demo in the event show that explains how hackers can connect the victim’s phone cellular connection to their cellular base station, and from there, they can hack into the phone call to record all voice transmit between anyone.

Now, if you have any of these Samsung smartphones, then might be you don’t have to worry about it; soon after they discovered by the researchers, the Samsung Galaxy series Team moved to the researchers have paid some of the gifts to those researchers, and the Samsung team has already begun the process of solving the vulnerability.

Previously we have said that the same sequence of research vulnerability in the field of software basis, Google Chrome, have come under this one of circumstances; the researchers from China have discovered how hackers can exploit the whole Android Google Chrome with a single link, the link is perfectly composed to exploit the JavaScript v8 engine, and soon after that hackers can direct control over the smartphone.

Every day a new vulnerability comes out; Xbox players are also always available only; they play games online with their teammates, but who knows, the vulnerability is just an illusion in which users will not be given a single second to think about it and suddenly the valuable information leak out such as the bank details of users.

In today’s date, if we are talking about the Internet of Things (IoT), then we are very close to being exploited; the big companies are already developing every technology they have now its time has been changed in place of development, they are regenerating the product related to the internet.

Now, let’s move to that event as the Mobile Pwn2Own competition in Tokyo. The researchers are Daniel Komaromy and Nico Golde, who demonstrate the new smartphone out-of-the-box at the show time, and the experiment is successfully shown to the naked eye of the visitors.


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