After the Paris attack from ISIS, several NGOs and supporters have vowed that they will not leave the attackers alive, and one from the cyber supporter Ghost Security Group an Anti-Terrorist Hacking Group have started the CYBERWAR against ISIS.

On November 13th millions of people have faced sorrow movements after Paris attack, November, Friday 13th now being called as black Friday for Paris people, confirmed killed 129 people in which 89 of them at the Bataclan theatre, 433 people hospitalised in which 80 of them marked as critical injured. This has been called as the deadliest attack in the History since World War II.

One of the hacking group namely as Ghost Security Group is in support for France nightmare – not only Ghost Security Group in support but also Anonymous Hacking team is also claiming that they will not let those ISIS go freely, this attack will cost them. Now in our previous post we have posted news about Anonymous direct warning to the ISIS that they will teach them a lesson in behalf of this Paris attack which will be called CYBERWAR.

Hacker Group Revealed ISIS Secret Bitcoin Address Having $3 Million

However in the other hand Ghost Security Group have direct interview with Nesbitt Interviewer, in the report one of the members from Ghost Security Group said that they have already started their search steps to track down the attackers, they are already received vast of the valuable data which they will soon hand over to the US government administration.

In an interview with that member of Ghost Security Group has said that this Interview will be fully confidential and not to leak out any valuable and secret information regarding the Group, also they have said not to reveal the names, all this is to eliminate the chances of any possible retaliatory reaction by ISIS.

The Anti-terrorism group as Ghost Security Group (GSG) reportedly saying about the bitcoins ISIS regularly using and with the method of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies is a digital method of fund transfer with having fully loaded encryption techniques which are used to regulate the generation of currency units and verify the fund transfer and all these operation are being under the central bank.

And another method of technology ISIS is using for funding is Bitcoin, one of the member from GSG have revealed the secrets of funding transaction of ISIS is from Bitcoins and they have many addresses of Bitcoins and with analysing several address one of the Bitcoin address has $3 million of Bitcoins units which are enough to eliminate overall parts and that’s funding is coming from secret source the Hacking group as GSG or Anonymous is still uncover.

The investors or the supporters of ISIS are providing funds in a regular basis in which it includes 40 countries of a businessman who funding ISIS also some of them from G20 member.

The GSG member said to NewsBTC Interviewer:

“It is sure evidence that Islamic State uses cryptocurrencies which help them to get funding from different investors to maintain the ongoing operation by the attackers and the ISIS leaders, and as we have discovered some of the Bitcoin address they currently using them, and among those address one of the Bitcoin address we have found that it contain $ 3 Million worth of Bitcoins units.”

“Bitcoins are regularly utilizing by Islamic State, most of the Bitcoins funding sites are being under ISIS with under deep web security encryption and we have only had one Bitcoin Address which has $3 Million, also we have managed to uncover several Bitcoin address and successfully shut them down, this will prevent them from getting funded.”

“Another reason that we somehow unencrypt some of their Bitcoin address in which they are transferring amount via cryptocurrency, and also all this is utilizing by ISIS.”

All this have been discussed between the Interviewer from NewsBTC and the guy from GSG, they said that if anyone can come forward to share any valuable information regarding ISIS secret information then they can get into the site also you can direct contact with the group member via the site itself.


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