South Korean Firms Soon be Under Attack by Dark Seoul Hackers
South Korean Firms Soon be Under Attack by Dark Seoul Hackers

Hacking Group Dark Seoul and Operation Troy – after the wake of 2013 attack in Europe now attacking South Korean banking institutions as well as government websites.

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]acking activity is running everywhere in the world mainly its appearance is developed countries to steal valuable data such as total shares rate, the allotment amount the bank details and all so on.. we can take care all this phishing attacks by yourself as self-protection but still thing in this world has a vulnerability – just like this a hacking group Dark Seoul and Operation Troy planning to hack the firms and the large scale companies internal data.

These hacking group in 2013 cyber attacks on South Korea after two years they seem to be active again. In 2013 they have hacked South Korean commercial and government banking system, government websites and news agencies server made temporarily down, they presumably worth of damages of thousands of dollars.. now it seems they have activated their group.

South Korean Firms Soon be Under Attack by Dark Seoul Hackers

The same group as Dark Seoul and Operation Troy have hacked several firms network in Europe. The Firewall creator stated, “we have found the similarities between the attacks in Europe and now in South Korea and that this the same tactics using, presuming they are Dark Seoul and Operation Troy – we have to make more concern about the technology and tools they are using.”

The way of attacks occur in Europe firms are like spear-phishing, in which an email comes from individual, but the name shown as the known one to the receiver of the mail, this types of spear-phishing methods usually done by the criminal hackers to gain certain information of companies secret data, also the email contains autorun type features with a harmful link contain malicious file attachment.

Palo Alto have found that hacker using the video player to cover up with the same malware code which as revealed in the Europe attack and the wrapped code into the original video player software by which it also connected by companies owned control system, and with this malware coding without the prior knowledge of victim, it will clean off the entire hard drives and will transfer to the malicious account, it will not show as destructive component to the users and from the deep coding of malware will endure what for me for.

The same sort of wiper malware additionally destroyed a great many PCs at Sony Pictures Entertainment a year ago after gigabytes of information was stolen from its system. In July 2013, security seller McAfee distributed an investigation of Dark Seoul assaults, which it called Operation Troy. It at first created the impression that two separate gatherings the Whois Hacking Team and the NewRomanic Cyber Army Team were behind the assaults. Be that as it may, McAfee finished up it was likely only one gathering, in view of an investigation the assault code.

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The report additionally depicted a considerably less boisterous parallel operation that seemed, by all accounts, to be gone for taking arranged military information. The U.S. government faulted the assault for North Korea.Palo Alto said the summon and control servers for the latest assault are bargained sites in South Korea and Europe that have all the earmarks of being coming up short on date programming.


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