Donald Trump the candidate for President of the United States have trolled ISIS by saying to take back internet connection and another necessary thing from ISIS, mainly focus on the cancellation of electricity to ISIS.

ISIS with a wide range using highly end-to-end encrypted security and all this because of they have internet connectivity. Whereas the following Paris attacks many hacktivist as Anonymous and Ghost Security Group have well played in their role but even more other supporters from the different part of the world are Russia.

President Putin have already sent almost 150,000 military troops to eliminate all Iraq and Syria ISIS militants, on the other hand, the USA also sends 3rd generation fighter jets to destroy overall ISIS, and from the USA only Donald Trump who is currently a candidate for President of the United States apparently told the media that “We should take back internet connection from ISIS”, this is exact way for revoking the attacks furthermore any other places by ISIS.

US Planning to Take Back Internet From ISIS

ISIS regularly using internet connectivity throughout the direct satellite, basically they have such an equipment that can connect to the satellite and access to the internet, another question is that from where they are taking electricity??? however, if there is no electricity or any Internet connection they might be it will be very effective way to eliminate and pause all the attacks connection and the next steps to hold it force into the ISIS to fully eliminate the area.

All this are just for saying, now we know that currently ISIS is funded by 40 different nation that is what Russian President said at G20 Summit of 20 nations mainly from business persons, and the leak of such retaliation can be revealed by any mean time to the ISIS…

Donald Trump said that ISIS is using the internet and social media with hacking process as changing IP address and with that they are recruiting more member across the world, they are taking to the people and brainwashing people to get into the ISIS, ISIS making fool to the current generation of youth, they misguided to let them join ISIS, and which Trump said at the conference in Massachusetts.

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It is hard to say but true, Trump currently has no further plan regarding what he said but maybe after meeting with Obama administration and other officials as CBI, CIA and FBI head generals they can sort out any decision to make that happen. Now to fight with the online propaganda technology the ISIS using. 1000s of ISIS twitter accounts have already hacked and disabled by the hacking team Anonymous who is currently working as Anti-Terrorism.


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