China is the world leading communist country; the huge population in the world has been first in population. Hence the constant population brings a lot of bank card holders and simultaneously increases the number of cyber criminals in the country.

China people usually prefer card payment over cash, and the new report from Trend Micro will make china users more concerned about their bank accounts.

Trends Micro has published a documentary regarding the rising number of Chinese bank cards with the same cybercriminals. Also, the Chinese underground cybercriminals market is nearly becoming more active nowadays, the investigators from China itself tracking many hackers and criminals related to online fraud; as per our previous post, China arrested more than 900 Cybercriminals and Hackers in China.

Hackers are strongly interested in capturing card holders’ details, becoming cybercriminals.

China Payment Via Cards Increases Cybercriminals

Trend Micro Author Lion Gu reported that “Cybercriminals are quickly jumped on the noncash payment bandwagon”, Lion Gu is a team member in research of security threats.

Cybercriminals are now seeking hacking tools for stealing such cards details, China’s trade has increased rapidly, and thus the more trading welcomes the attacks, and finally, people have to secure their payment methods via cards inserted through ATMs or any shop; the only card holders are not in the target but also other companies who promote their machines to pay online cash.

At the time of ongoing research by Lion Gu where he found one of the websites which claim point-of-sale devices, in which the device has been an alteration in the process to send direct payment card details, which the card’s magnetic stripe has captured through mobile messages fraud.

The way the gadgets are sold, from the crooks to affiliates to retailers and afterward onto organizations, implies some in the production network may not know the gadgets have been changed.

It’s likewise worthwhile for the cybercriminals, Gu composed. “A corrupt store staff part can, for the occasion, swipe an unwitting client’s card on a pocket skimmer with a specific end goal to take track information that he/she can later use for extortion,” he composed.

“Cybercriminals don’t even need to physically gather stolen data from introduced gadgets, permitting them more noteworthy adaptability and comfort,” he composed. ATM skimmers are sold on business-to-business online commercial centers for around ¥4,000 (US$630).

These are typically gadgets that fit over an ATM’s card opening and can record subtle card elements. Gu composed some accompanying PIN cushion overlays, which record a card’s mystery number.

Another item Gu found is gone for individuals who have brief access to a man’s installment card, a purported “pocket skimmer” The pocket skimmer needn’t bother with a system association or an outside force supply. It can gather the points of interest of up to 2,048 cards, which can be downloaded to a PC later with a USB link.


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