DJI developed a new drone especially for farmers, the farmers helping hand Agras MG-1 will help in spraying liquid on the crop and it will cover between seven to ten acres of land within an hour and also holds 10 liters of chemical or liquid!

DJI is a Chinese electronics manufacturer mainly focused on making drones but now apart for fun or supplying drones to defense department they help farmers in a new way with the launch of new Eight Rotor Agras MG-1 drone with three different modes as Automatic, Semi-Automatic, and Manual Mode, basically this drone is for farmers which help them with their farming process.

Agras MG-1 is the first agricultural drone developed by DJI to proves about how they are also more concern about the growth of farmers included agricultural sectors also. The new Agras MG-1 is only one function to do and that is to spray liquids over crops around seven to ten acres radius only, it holds liquid water or chemical up to limit 10 liters (2.5 gallons).

Technology Helps Farmers With Eight Rotor Drone Agras MG-1

Technology Helps Farmers With Eight Rotor Drone Agras MG-1
Technology Helps Farmers With Eight Rotor Drone Agras MG-1

DJI said that this new drone Agras MG-1 for farmers is much more powerful when it has integrated with eight rotors as well as it makes a more efficient way of working as users friendly, farmers now do not have to worry about going to the land and manually spraying and all… now just with a limited distance (distance not mentioned) it will complete its work.

Around 50 percent more logical the drone is far better with an ordinary drone available in the market. purchasing from local market the same types of drones will not last for long and even they might not have eight rotors in their drones.

This Agras MG-1 usually functioning with microwave technology with its radar, with the DJI technology farmers can control the drone at a selective height which is an inbuilt function, the drone can scan the ground crops and analysis the better distance from the ground to spray the liquid over crops, it can fly up to the speed of eight meters per second.

The drone Agras MG-1 is a part of the Phantom 3 series it has three modes of function that are automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation, this is sure that it came with unique function of scanning the land with own measuring system to distance maintain from land, as well as it has a dust proofing, water resistance and obviously it designed and developed for durable purpose, the drone is foldable after use.

DJI Phantom 3 series Agras MG-1 will be available soon in China and Korea at their first launch, it will worth approximately $15,000. DJI companies effort to supply this drone to every farmland, this will help to farmers in support for growth and development in agricultural sectors also, other companies are taking an interest in DJI drones and soon the versions and brand will vary.


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