Disaster Report 4 game for PS4 is based on the natural calamities the country faces, just like Japan faced in 2011; in the overall game is also that the Girl leading character plays a vital role, trying to save themselves from disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis. This game is now available for PS4.

If you follow the news related to the world of games from the PlayStation 3 peak times, then perhaps remember Disaster Report 4, the unique project that was being developed for the console and ended up being canceled. The Japanese magazine Famitsu revealed that the title came to be produced and must be released for the PS4 Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories.

Like the original title had canceled its development after the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan in 2011, many thought that the reason for the project closure was the sensitivity of the theme. However, the publication explains that the real reason was that the gameplay designed for the game was not good enough.

Disaster Report 4 Reproduced For PS4 [Video]

The new venture of Granzella team was based on the original game in which they were working but has a completely re-imagined style of gameplay to achieve a higher level of quality – in addition to graphics made for the PS4, of course. You can check out the first scenes of the new title in the video at the beginning of this text and see some screenshots in the gallery above.

In Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories, players will be in the role of a newly formed student who goes to a big city to look for jobs, but ends up seeing in a desperate situation when the place is suddenly hit by a major disaster. You can choose to play as a man or a woman and customize features such as the face, hair, and clothing.

While roams the unknown city, the protagonist passed through several meetings and separations with several people, all dealing with the problems caused by the disaster in different ways. At the same time trying to cope with hunger and thirst caused by the passage of time, you will have to use the objects you find to open tickets to new areas.

More than simply escape the city, players will have to explore the urban environment to the fullest and make use of advanced mechanical survival. Moreover, returning to the same places after a few days may end up bringing pleasant or unpleasant surprises, since the passage of time after the disaster will affect the scenarios of the game.


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