Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, do not agree to share any non-profit organization – they will start their fortune from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

A previous viral report came up that Facebook CEO and his wife Priscilla Chan will go to donate 99% of their Facebook stock after the name of their newborn girl Max, but now after a certain investigation on the matter, it came out that $45 bn won’t go to charity.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed TechViral that the CEO and his wife already have an organization moniker Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative which will now convert as LLC, which is a Limited Liability Company – thus, the amount of $45 bn will not give a penny to charity after that.

No, Mark Zuckerberg is Not Donating $45 bn From His Shares

The spokesperson also said that the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative has a mission in advancing human potential and promoting equality and tremendously will be able to donate to and invest in both non-profit NGOs as well as private companies, as previously Facebook to its employees recommended to use an Android smartphone instead of iPhones which are also in terms of charity by promoting human potential equality.

After the investments and charity donations Facebook will plan to boost the mission of Chan-Zuckerberg by developing and making more alternative initiatives to raise the fund. “What’s to come will be superior to anything today.” Additionally, “We have to ensure that there are interests in projects that guarantee that what’s to come won’t be similar to today,” Chan said in a video presenting the association.

In a reaction to an inquiry from The New York Times’ Vindu Goel, Zuckerberg composed on Facebook that there are two reasons he and Chan chose to begin giving without ending their fortune at an opportune time in their lifetimes.

“In the first place is that we have a long way to go, and giving, such as whatever else, takes practice to do viable. So if we need to be great at it in 10-15 years, we ought to begin now.”

“Second is that any great we do will ideally compound after some time. On the off chance that we can offer youngsters some assistance with getting a superior instruction now, they can grow up and help other people too in the time we may have generally held up to begin.”


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