Today in this article I will introduce the most amazing 360-degree recording camera that I know. Yes, of course, I am talking about the Insta360 ONE, it is a 4K 360 Camera that has so many unusual features that I will start to strip them right now in this article.

Insta360 One: A 4K 360 Camera With Smart Tricks

I know, when you start reading this article you might have already started thinking that you are going to read another analysis of a camera that promises a lot, does what most and that, surely, we will not taste for this country in a few months, if we get it to reach our market.

Well, at least wait for a few minutes and simply take your time to read it, and after that, you leave your opinion about it. As in Techviral we only offer you the latest news of the technological world.

Meet the Insta360 ONE

I have the pleasure of introducing you to the most amazing 360-degree recording camera that I know. Insta360 ONE is a device that has so many unusual features that I will start to strip them right now. The first thing to say is that its price is 299.90 dollars. Expensive? Yes. Thought for the whole world? Do not.

This is a device that records videos in 4K resolution and takes pictures, even in RAW format, in 24 Megapixels. Its 360-degree recording makes it possible to make direct original and even Time Lapse with a Bullet Time effect. In addition, thanks to the 6 axes incorporated, you can have a greater stabilization of the shots.

One of the great curiosities that you can see in the video presentation of the camera is that when you record using selfie stick, the camera automatically detects it and erases it so that the image gains in cleansing. The Free Capture option gives us the ability to record first and then on the mobile phone select the parts we want to use from all the angles we have recorded.

Unique features

A very interesting feature that will appeal to those who use these devices in action sports is the possibility of setting the focus on that person you decide and the camera will always have it centered on the plane.

Through the application for Apple mobile devices, we can take pictures with the Bluetooth connection. You can even connect it via the lightning link to your iPhone. As you can see there are many possibilities to use this device as novel as full of the multitude of features.

So, now what do you think about this Camera? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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