Recently, WhatsApp messenger just got some extraordinary features. But, today I will share 5 hidden WhatsApp features you probably didn’t know.

5 Hidden WhatsApp Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

The leading application in instant messaging is constantly being updated to be with the trends and demands of the users. Since according to Statista, the application managed to obtain at the end of February 2016 one trillion active users.

Over the past few months, we have seen some of the new features introduced by the ‘application.’ But this time we are going to count five very useful WhatsApp hidden functions that many users do not know.

Now, without much wasting time let’s get started:-

#Do you know that you can write in different ways in WhatsApp?

Yes! Users can type in bold, italic, or strikethrough. To do this, it is necessary to enter certain specific characters at the end and beginning of each phrase or word that you want to highlight.

#Do you know that you can customize the tone of the notifications?

You can decide if you want your partner’s messages, for example, to sound different so that, as soon as you hear the sound, you know that your boyfriend or girlfriend or close friend is the one who writes to you.

#”Read confirmations” Do you know how to disable this option?

The user can increase their privacy if they do not want their contacts to know at all times when they have read the messages.

#How to listen to a WhatsApp audio by yourself?

You’re probably embarrassed to hear that audio message from a friend if you’re not alone. At that time, helmets are your best allies when you go on public transport, or you’re at work. But you do not need them. You can listen to that message without, also, those around you will know what you told.

#Want to try out the new WhatsApp features before anyone else?

There is the possibility that you advance to the novelties that introduce the application before the rest of users. You already know that the beta versions allow to test the new options that shortly after are thrown off the general way to all the users.


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