Developer namely David Burela has converted popular iOS game “Canabalt” into Windows by using Project Islandwood which is among Microsoft’s Tools for moving apps into Windows in no time.

In Blog Post, Devloper, Mr. Burela termed “IslandWood” as a “cool tool” and explains how easy and quick is Islandwood which can be completed in just five minutes.

“Today I wanted to show you how easy it is to take an iOS game and port it straight to a Windows 10 UWP application. I’m porting the classic game Canabalt which was originally an online flash game, which they then ported to an iPhone game.”

Mr Burela planned to extract the iOS source code for the popular game “Cannbalt” which was initially released as web based game. The actual developer of Cannbalt later released the source code for iOS version and Burela planned to make use of that source code and the Project Islandwood tools helped him convert Cannbalt into a Windows 10 Game.

This feature will play very important developers who were not willing to develop apps for Windows platform. Now, iOS developers can use Project IslandWood to convert on Windows 10 easily.

See Video Tutorial for procedure :

 Finally, a method has been revealed which lets the developer convert iOS App into Windows App in just 5 minutes. This method will be highly beneficial for the developers who were not interested in creating apps for windows. We hope that you loved this article, leave your comments below for any questions or opinions.


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