Let’s admit it; we usually have 20-30 apps installed on our Android smartphones. While there are no restrictions on app installation, you may get many unimportant notifications throughout the day.

The latest versions of Android allow you to turn off notifications for individual apps, but if you are using an older version, you don’t have such an option. However, on Android Nougat, you get a do not disturb mode that can block all notifications on your Android.

Add the Do Not Disturb Toggle in the Volume Control in any Android

So, if your phone is running on Android Nougat and you are looking for ways to eliminate all not-so-important notifications, you may find this guide quite helpful. Below, we have shared some easy steps for adding the Do Not Disturb toggle in the Volume control of any Android. Let’s get started.

1. First, go to your Android system’s device settings. On Settings, scroll down and tap on About Device. Under this section, you will have to look for the device’s Build Number and tap it 7 times. This will enable the Developer mode on your Android.

2. Pull down the Notification Bar on your device by swiping it. See the quick settings of your device set up there on the panel, You just have to pull it up to the quick settings options and after that, you need to use the other step for making the addition of the Do Not Disturb toggle.

3. You will require now to enable the System UI tuner on your device. To enable the System UI Tuner you need to tap and hold on to the Gear Icon in the Notifications panel.

4. Go to the System settings now and look for the System UI Tuner option. Tap on the Do Not Disturb Option over there. Under there you would be getting the option to turn on the Volume Control toggle, simply enable it so as to show this option over the Volume Control.

So, these are some of the easy steps to add the Do Not Disturb toggle in the volume control in any Android device. If you need more help in adding a do not disturb toggle in the volume control, let us know in the comments below.


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