AdultFriendFinder Hacked, 400 Million Accounts Exposed Online
AdultFriendFinder Hacked, 400 Million Accounts Exposed Online

The parent company of AdultFriendFinder and has reportedly been hacked, and hundreds of millions of accounts have been leaked online. According to the LeakedSource, the AdultFriendFinder Network was just hacked through a simple local file inclusion (LFI) exploit.

AdultFriendFinder Hacked, 400 Million Accounts Exposed Online

Do you remember what happened to Ashley Madison ? Well, that’s nothing to what just happened with several portals like AdulFriendFinder, They have leaked no less than 339 million accounts, while with Madison were ‘just’ 37 million.

According to the sources close to what happened, data leakage has occurred after an attack on their databases, which had already been informed regarding AdultFriendFinder a few weeks ago.

They are more than 400 million accounts which have been stolen by this data breach, and those 339 million accounts are only from the service AdulFriend Finder while other 62 million correspond to, and the remaining figure is the set of web pages that have also been attacked, but with considerably less information theft. However, AdulFriend Finder received the most serious damage.

For now, there is really very little information about this massive leak of accounts is available, which itself has said is that the attack has been made possible by the low security of AdultFriendFinder, which is repeated in many online services of this kind.

It’s funny because on an analysis of the stolen data shows that almost one million people in AdultFriendFinder used the password 123456, but also more than half a million password 12345, and another half a million ‘123456789’. Clearly, these passwords are very insecure and easy to guess, but, it’s not only the responsibility of the users to use a secure password.

What most worries now, after they have leaked the data of millions of people from all over the world, while in the case of Ashley Madison they were used to extort money from users. As we mentioned earlier that the filtration was ‘great’ in the number of people affected, but this time it is even 10 times higher.

It is a service that, although it has more users in countries like the United States, also brings together Internet users from all over the world, including India as well. Now, the best thing for these users is to change the password – if it is possible both in service affected as elsewhere that the same credentials are used.