You will find hundreds of Music streaming services on the Google Play Store. Some music streaming apps allow users to listen for free, but most are paid, and users need to subscribe to a premium subscription.

Whatever the reason, Music streaming apps provide us with an easy way to listen to our favorite Music. Moreover, the audio quality is beyond amazing, and it can help save lots of internal or external storage on our Android.

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15 Best Music Streaming Apps For Android

So, if you are also on the hunt to stream some music streaming apps, you might find this post helpful. This article will share a few of the best music streaming apps you can install on your Android smartphone. So, let’s explore the list.

1. Amazon Music

Amazon Music

If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you might get the streaming app at a discounted price. Amazon Music is less popular but has over 75 million songs and ten million podcast episodes you can listen to with an Amazon Prime account.

If you already subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can avail of Amazon Music at just $7.99. You will get lossless, CD-quality, and ad-free music at that price.

The Amazin Music subscription provides you access to over 2 million hand-curated songs, unlimited skips & offline listing, and millions of podcast episodes. So, Amazon Music is a music streaming app that you shouldn’t miss.

2. Deezer


Deezer is a premium music streaming app available for Android and iOS. With a premium subscription, you can access over 90 million songs.

In addition, the app is known for its excellent interface. The user interface organizes every song as per its categories. The latest version of Deezer also has a music identifier called SongCatcher. The SongCatcher can quickly identify tracks playing around you.

Not only that, but the premium version of Deezer also lets you download music for offline playback.

3. Spotify


Spotify is the leading music streaming app available for Android and iOS users. However, it’s a premium app, and it’s available in a few countries.

The premium version of Spotify lets you access all songs. It also lets you choose the Music streaming quality. You can visit Spotify Premium Apk to explore everything about the music streaming app.

Spotify offers you more music content than any other music streaming app on the list. Spotify Premium offers you superior sound quality, unlimited skips, and offline playback features.

4. SoundCloud


SoundCloud is slightly different from all other music streaming apps in the article. This is a platform where you can upload audio files. The audio files you will upload will be visible to all other users.

Since it allows others to upload their songs & music, the platform boasts a massive collection of over 275 million audio tracks. Also, according to the company, the platform has over 20 million artists who share their music.

5. Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple Music from Apple is one of the best and most used music streaming apps on your Android.

The great thing about Apple Music is that it houses over 30 million songs and playlists. Apart from that, you can also hear live radio 24/7 with Apple Music.

6. iHeartRadio


Well, iHeartRadio has been there for a while, and it was originally a radio app with Music streaming features. iHeartRadio Android app offers premium-on-demand music services through which you can access millions of Music and songs.

Apart from that, the interface of iHeartRadio is also excellent, and it’s the best music streaming service you can use right now.

7. Pandora


If you are searching for an Android app to have a personalized listening experience that continually evolves with your tastes, then look no other than Pandora – Music & Podcasts.

It’s a subscription-based music streaming app available for Android & iOS. The app is top-rated among music lovers. However, you need to subscribe to a monthly package to use Pandora.

The premium version of Pandora offers you many features, like the ability to create playlists, download music for offline playback, higher audio quality, and more.

8. TIDAL Music


TIDAL is unavailable in many regions but has a massive library of over 80 million songs and 350,000 music videos. The good thing about TIDAL is that it offers features not seen on other music streaming sites.

For example, you will find tracks with up to 9,216 kbps bitrate; it offers 360 reality audio, Dolby Atmos support, and more. The basic plan of TIDAL is priced at $9.99 per month.

9. Youtube Music

Youtube Music

YouTube Music from Google is another of the best Android apps that you can use to stream music. The great thing about YouTube music is its unique features like background listening, offline downloads, etc.

YouTube Music offers many useful features that could enhance your listening experience. For example, you can view the Song Lyrics to sing along with the song, switch seamlessly between the audio & video, play music in the background, and more.

However, you must purchase a YouTube Music Subscription to enjoy YouTube Music at its full potential.

10. Wynk Music

Wynk Music

Wynk Music is one of the top-rated music player apps available for Android smartphones. This is the one-stop music app for the latest to the greatest songs you love.

The application is free, but you need to adjust it with a few ads in between. You can even enjoy the best audio podcasts with free podcasts from Wynk Music.

11. Napster Music

Napster Music

Napster may not be very popular, but it’s one of the oldest music streaming services. The music streaming service has been around since 1999.

While there’s no free plan for Napster Music, you can use the first 30 days for free. With a premium subscription, you can access 110+ million songs, watch music videos, etc.

The premium plans of Napster Music also allow you to download songs and playlists for offline playback. Overall, Napster Music is a great music streaming app you shouldn’t miss.

12. Resso Music

Resso Music

Resso Music is a music streaming app that differs from the other apps listed in the article. It’s a streaming app that lets you express yourself and connect with others through your live song.

You can use this app to listen to the song and leave comments to share your impressions of the track. The premium features of Resso Music unlock several other features.

Some key features of Resso Premium include downloading unlimited songs for offline playback, a complete ad-free and uninterrupted experience, and 256kbs audio quality.

13. JioSaavn


Every Indian user with a Jio SIM card can access JioSaavn for free. This is a free music app for every Jiouser, and it provides access to the exclusive music library of over 8 crore songs.

What’s more interesting is that JioSaavn allows you to set your favorite song from the app as your caller tunes on your Jio number.

JioSaavn also has a pro version that offers ad-free music, song download options, high-quality sound, etc.

14. TuneIn Radio

Radio Apps for Android

TuneIn Radio is an Android app to satisfy all your music needs. This app lets you hear your favorite sports, radio, music, and other live content.

While music is not the key highlight of TuneIn Radio, you can still stream iHeartRadio’s top stations online to satisfy your music needs.

The TuneIn Radio premium version provides you access to 100,000 audiobook tiles at your fingers with no monthly limits. Overall, TuneIn Radio is a great app for streaming music on Android.



TREBEL is the ultimate music app for Android. The app is free and provides you access to the offline music player. The app lets you easily find your favorite tracks, artists, and albums or discover new ones.

What we liked the most about TREBEL is that despite being free, it provides you an option to download music for offline playback & save your data for other useful tasks.

So, these are the best music streaming apps for Android that you can use. You can start using these apps to fulfill your daily music needs. If you want to suggest other music streaming apps for Android, drop the app name in the comments below.


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