Recently, the Chief Executive Officer of DeepMind confirmed that Google’s Artificial Intelligence was beating Top professional Go online Players.

OMG! Google’s AI Was SECRETLY Beating Top Go Players

It is very common for some gamers to become nervous and feel that they are not playing against a real person when the other player is really good at the game. Generally, this person can be a professional player or just someone with much better skills than who is losing. But this time the suspicion of some Go players online was correct.

On Twitter, Demis Hassabis, CEO of DeepMind, confirmed that the Go online player with the names “Master” and “Magister”, who played 51 games straight without losing, it was in fact, the artificial intelligence AlphaGo.

The new version of AI was being secretly tested in unofficial online matches against some of the best Go players in the world, including names like Ke Jie (current number one), Gu Li (another professional player) and Lee Sedol, the latter being 18 time world champion and the guy who had been defeated by artificial intelligence in a face challenge at the beginning of last year.

According to ArsTechnica, apparently, DeepMind not warned the other players that they were facing an artificial intelligence. So as soon as the “rookie” began his winning streak by defeating great players, several people began to distrust of skills “superhuman” Mysterious player.

In the announcement, Hassabis said that now that the unofficial test has ended, the company plans to put AlphaGo to play some official matches shortly, to “thoroughly explore the mysteries of the game.” So when you find someone incredibly good at an online game, there is a small chance that you are involuntarily participating in a test against an artificial intelligence. Or, of course, it could be just another cheat player.


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