Currently, Dropshipping is an excellent way to start your business with low capital and become an entrepreneur. However, it is not easy to get sales frequently without doing anything. You have to do hard work and a lot of research in order to get the right amount of profit.

Lets First discuss how we can start dropshipping with AliDropship, and what exactly it is? So, AliDropship is an international IT firm. The main aim of AliDropship is to help entrepreneurs in earning money through eCommerce.

AliDropship Review 2019 (Coupon Included) WordPress Dropshipping Plugin

Yaroslav Nevsky founded the company in 2015. We can describe this plugin like all in one solution for dropshippers. The AliDropship plugin comes with several automated features from Managing to customize the store which makes dropshipping much easier.

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So apart from the introduction of a company, let’s discuss what AliDropship plugin is. So, it is a powerful WordPress plugin for dropshipping because of a lot of features offered. You can save a lot of time from this plugin in managing and creating your store. AliDropship has two plugins for WordPress. One which is the basic plugin and standard websites and the second for WooCommerce named as AliDropship Woo Plugin. So before starting with AliDropship let’s see some advantages and disadvantages of it.


As it is integrated with Aliexpress, no need to worry about the delivery of the product. As AliExpress sells more than 100M products, who can easily import yours with the help of a plugin. Shipping is available in mostly country so you can get sales worldwide.

Now, the AliDropship Plugin will allow you to:

  • Import any product from Aliexpress to your store in one click.
  • Import the product reviews directly to your store.
  • Choose custom themes.
  • Marketing feature which will help you in promotions and giving offers to
  • Customize the description of the product according to SEO to rank your store.
  • Free customer support.

Manage the price of product and shipping costs. Product and sales can be tracked on the dashboard.

So these are the few advantages, so AliDropship now let’s see the disadvantages.


As we all know, working hard is the only key to success. So you have to give your best in order to get consistent sales regularly.

  • If you are a beginner, then WordPress can be complicated for you.
  • You must have some basic knowledge of HTML & CSS in order to customize the
    store better.
  • Many features will not work if you do not use google chrome.
  • Some additional features like Sales timers are paid.

Working Of AliDropship

Now, let’s talk about the working of AliDropship Plugin. WordPress must install on your website in order to get integrated with AliDropship. To start with this, you must have a basic knowledge of web development as we talked about the disadvantages of AliDropship.

As we stated above, AliDropship offers two plugins. So you have to select the plugin which will work best for you. The features and everything is almost the same in both the themes but the significant difference is of Woo Themes.

In the AliDropship Woo plugin you will get the woo themes, which is the right choice if you are a beginner. However, in the standard plugin, you should have to integrate the plugin with the pre-installed theme of your website.

We suggest you use google chrome in order to use all features of the AliDropship plugin without facing any issue. After the integration of the AliDropship plugin to your store, you can directly import any product in one click.

The essential section of the plugin is payment settings. So no need to set the price again and again, for the product, you can select your profit margin in payment settings. Like if you want your profit margin by 30% then after importing the product price will automatically increase by 30%.

The best part is the plugin will automatically update the inventory by getting the information from Aliexpress. Once you get the sales, the plugin will automatically order the product from Aliexpress by sending the customer info.

The best part is you can integrate your store with any payment gateway. We suggest you choose the gateway which takes less charge in every transaction. Let’s see some more features of the plugin, which will help your store to look better.

1) Built-in Image Editor

This Feature will allow you to edit the product image. You can also insert the logo of your store or website name in the product image, which looks more genuine and attracts customers. Along with it, you can also erase the pre-written text on the product image.

2) Updating Product Information Automatically

No need to manually update the inventory information; this Feature will automatically update everything. Price update by seller, inventory left all will update automatically once there are changes in Aliexpress.

3) Order Fulfilling

After getting sales no need to order manually from Aliexpress, the plugin will help you to order the product automatically. You have to confirm the order, and the plugin will automatically place the order. Along with these, you will get the various add-ons that you can use according to suitability. Let’s talk about some add-ons, which are essential in order to get sales and manage sales.

1) Reviews Page

The review is the thing which probably every customer checkout before ordering any product. A positive review will convert into the sales, whereas negative review will impact your store. So this add-on will automatically pick the positive reviews of the customer from Aliexpress and import it to your store.

A positive review will increase customer confidence, and hence, you will get the sales. A review will also help your store to get organic traffic.

2) Countdown Timer

This is an excellent strategy to get sales. The add-on will help you to run sales to convert visitors into buyers. You can enable the timer which seems like the specific product is on sale for a particular time. You are allowed to enable or disable it at any time according to you.

3) Recent Sales Popup

This add-on will help you to create a positive buying environment. It will help you to show the custom sales popup on a website that may not exist but gain the trust of customers. After opening the store, the customer can see a popup of sales.

E.g., Alex From the USA purchased this item; this will make your store more genuine and trustworthy.

There are also various add-ons for delivery, shipping, advertisement, managing which will help you to customize your store better.

Is it Worthy?

Now this question will arise in everyone’s mind. Everyone will think that investing in AliDropship is the right choice? Well, the answer is a big yes. If you don’t have any supplier or product to sell, then the last option left is Aliexpress.

Why Aliexpress? Because there are a lot of products and suppliers. You can choose any targeted product than add your profit and sell it to the world. The product price is low because you get the item directly from the supplier no third party involved.

The best part is Aliexpress ships worldwide, which will let your store ship worldwide. So because of these features offered by Aliexpress, it is the best destination for dropshipping. Now, if you are dropshipping from Aliexpress, you have to add products manually.

Suppose you targeted the pet niche and want to add 20 products which you have to do manually and it will take time. After getting sales, you have to manually order from Aliexpress will get harder if you get more orders.

You have to set the price again and again. So it will become a hard task as you have to do everything manually. These problems can be solved by AliDropship, or it is the best solution for all the above issues.

AliDropship will make it more comfortable as you don’t have to do things manually and that’s the reason it is profitable.

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AliDropship vs. Shopify

AliDropship and Shopify both are the best and accessible platform for dropshipping, and it is hard to find the best. Both have advantages and disadvantages. But still, we can make the comparison and can select the best according to us.

1) In Terms Of Price

Price is the main factor of comparison. The AliDropship price is 89$, which is a one time fee and includes supports, updates, and various free add-ons. You will get two plugins in 89$ first is standard AliDropship plugin and another one is Alidropship woo plugin.

The Shopify will charge you 29$ every month, which is a bit high. For one year you have to pay approx 612$, which is too high compared to AliDropship. So if you don’t have enough capital, then AliDropship will be the best choice.

2) Customization

Alidropship will allow you to do unlimited customization; you can change everything according to your needs. From editing the image to editing the background of the store, everything is possible with AliDropship.

Customization in Shopify is limited, and you can’t change everything. However, you can do minor customizations like changing the font color, style. Unlimited customization is not available with Shopify.

3) Payment Gateway

AliDropship can integrate with every payment gateway, no restriction in integrating with payment gateway. You have to register your store with a payment gateway, and you are good to go.

Shopify can only be integrated with the few payment gateways listed by them. You can’t integrate with any payment gateway.

4) Cashback

Giving cashback to the customers encourages them to shop more and the best way to get more sales. You can provide up to 12% cashback with the help of AliDropship and which is a pretty good percentage.

The cashback feature in Shopify is only available in the pro pack of oberlo. So again, you have to invest the money in order to use the cashback feature.

5) Staff Accounts

After your store grows, it will be challenging to manage by alone, so we will need the team. Such as for customer executive, order fulfilling. You can add unlimited staff accounts with Alidropship.

In the basic plan of Shopify, you can only add two staff account. If you want to add more, then you have to purchase the premium plan which will cost you more.

6) Shipping calculator

Providing different shipping such as expedited shipping, fast shipping, economy shipping will help customers to get the order fast. So for calculating shipping, there are too many plugins in AliDropship which automatically do that.

Shipping Calculator in Shopify is not involved in the basic plan. If you need a shipping calculator feature, then you have to choose the advanced plan which will cost 80$/month.

7) Product Limit

Now, suppose you have to open the general store and what to sell more than 100+ products. You can easily import unlimited products with the help of AliDropship.

In Shopify, there is a limit to importing products. At the starting of oberlo, you can only import 50 products.

So these above comparison tells then Shopify is a bit costly whereas AliDropship is cheaper than Shopify. The features offered are more by the AliDropship, so choosing AliDropship can be a good idea.

Custom Store

If you are a newbie in dropshipping and want to start with AliDropship, then you can easily do without facing any issue. From Product research to marketing, you can use AliDropship plugins and add-ons. No need to waste money on hiring freelancers.

For creating a store, you can use themes and edit them according to you. You can also do the custom changes in the themes. No need to do product research as you can find the most selling product with AliDropship.

For marketing, there are too many add-ons, or you can also buy the marketing plan, which helps you to do the marketing of your store. Everything can be done with the help of add-ons offered by the AliDropship.



AliDropship is a good dropshipping platform with low cost; you can enjoy maximum features free. You can purchase their plans if you are a newbie to start dropshipping. The customer support of AliDropship is also excellent.


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