If we look around, we will discover that the trend of video streaming sites and apps has risen over the past few years. Now we have many media streaming services like NetFlix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc., that allow us to stream endless hours of video content.

If we talk about Amazon Prive video, the service offers on-demand content at a relatively low monthly cost. It’s also one of the most popular video streaming services out there, and the monthly plan of Prime Video is much more affordable compared to other streaming services.

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List of 10 Best Amazon Prime Video Alternatives

Since everyone has a taste for movies and music, people still look for alternatives. Also, these streaming services often have their content. Here in this article, we will share some of the best amazon prime video alternatives.

1) NetFlix


NetFlix is most probably the best video streaming site you can use today. If we compare Netflix with Amazon Prime Video, Netflix seems to have more content.

Although every user has a different taste in Movies & TV Shows, we found the content of NetFlix more unique. Netflix is known for its rich library of award-winning TV Shows, documentaries, and Movies.

However, it’s a premium video streaming service where you must pay monthly or yearly charges. Netflix is available on almost every platform, including Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and macOS.

2) Hulu

terrarium tv alternative

Hulu is a US-Based streaming site like Amazon Prime video where you can watch endless hours of video content. Although not as popular as Amazon Prime Video, it still has many movies and TV Shows.

The great thing about Hulu is that it has video content from leading networks like Starz, PBS, 21st Century Fox, AMC, and more.

The only downside of Hulu is that it’s not available in many regions. But if you have an active VPN service, you can access the site from anywhere.

3) Vudu


Vudu, now the popular video streaming site was originally introduced as a set-top box in 2007. Now it has become a full-fledged video streaming service with over 200,000+ movies and TV shows.

Vudu right now has over 60 million registered users, and it’s also the official movie and TV store on Roku.

The video streaming site has unlimited video content, but you either need to rent or buy them. Overall, Vudu is a great Amazon Prime Video Alternative that you can consider.

4) Crackle


Crackle, backed by Sony, is another best Amazon Prime Video alternative that you can consider.

However, the content of Crackle comes nowhere close to Amazon Prime Video. The only reason we have listed Crackle on the list is that it’s completely free.

You can access almost 150+ full-length movies and 75+ TV shows with a free account. Since it’s a free media streaming site, you need to adjust to the commercials between the episodes.

5) Hotstar


Disney+ Hotstar is a popular over-the-top (OTT) streaming service available out there. The good thing about Disney+ Hotstar is that it has many original contents in the form of Movies and TV Shows.

Disney+ Hotstar also has live streaming options. You can stream sports, live TV channels, etc with a Disney+ Hotstar premium subscription.

Overall, if you are looking for the best Amazon Prime video alternative to watch Movies, TV Shows, and live cricket, Hotstar might be the best pick.

6) CONtv


CONtv is a site where you can get comic books and videos. The site was previously called Viewster and still offers some free movies and TV Shows.

On CONtv, you can watch some popular TV shows such as Highlander, The Legend of Zelda, and more. Overall, CONtv is another best Amazon Prime alternative that you can consider.

7) iTunes


Well, iTunes is not exactly a movie streaming website, but you can rent movies from the iTunes library. Movies listed on the iTunes library are affordable, and for just $3 or $4, you can rent a movie for 48 hours.

iTunes library has lots of TV shows and movie content that you can watch. However, iTunes was initially meant for the iOS ecosystem, and it’s best enjoyed on Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

8) M-GO


M-GO is a relatively new online streaming service you can use right now. We have listed M-GO on the best Amazon Prime Video Alternative list because it maintains a massive Movies and TV Shows database.

The user interface of M-GO is impressive and well-organized. However, the site isn’t a streaming source like Amazon, but it’s a portal through which you can buy TV Shows and Movies.

9) YouTube


YouTube is right now the leading video streaming site in the world. On this site, you can spend endless hours watching video content.

If you dive deep into the platform, you will find many movies and TV shows shared by the users. Also, YouTube lets you rent movies by paying some amount.

Once you buy or rent movies and TV Shows on YouTube, you can watch them on every supported device. Suppose you want to watch movies on your smartphone; in that case, just log in with your Google account and access your purchases.

10) Vimeo


Vimeo is another best video-sharing platform that only has high-definition videos. The video streaming site offers some TV series and supports 360-degree videos.

The site is also known for its user interface, which looks clean and well organized. The search feature of Vimeo organizes videos by their category and channel.

These are the best Amazon Prime Video alternatives you can use now. The streaming services listed in the article offer endless hours of video content. If you know of other services like these, let us know in the comment box below.