Google revamps Split screen to App Pairs

For Android 12, Google is working to revamp the “Split-Screen” feature to “App Pairs”. Split-screen can be used on Android 11 where you can open two apps at the same time on your device.

At present, when a user wants to use Split screen, they need to open one app, active the feature via the Recent view, and then pick a second app.

Android 12 to get “App Pairs” Feature to use Two Apps at Once

These days, we are getting phones with larger displays like foldable, dual-screen phones, so the split-screen feature is not much needed.

To help out the users, a few companies like Samsung, LG, and Microsoft have their own capabilities of split-screen.

According to the latest reports, Google is revamping this Split screen system with a new feature “App Pairs” in Android 12.

In Android 12, the App Pairs system will group two apps together. This means you can pick any two apps from recently opened apps to make a pair. Once the apps are paired, you can easily swap to use it in a different single app and can swap back to pair it.

9to5Google has shown the difference between the two features, i.e, Android’s current Split Screen and the new App Pairs in Android 12.

Check out the picture given below, the feature might look like this.

Android 12 App Pairs

App Pairs in Android 12 will give a divider to let you adjust the screen space for each app. This divider lets you quickly swap the positions of the two apps by double-tapping on the divider.

Some of the Samsung’s phone has a feature with the same name, App Pairs. App Pairs on Galaxy phones are the shortcuts to open two apps in multi-window mode.

It is expected that the first Android 12 Developer preview will be coming in February. As same has happened for Android 11 last year, so the preview will be coming on time. Android 12 is still under development.


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